A Gallery of 
      Species in Australia

This is a work in progress

There are 122 recognized leaf beetles in this mostly endemic genus.  This is a poorly understood group and in need of further study.

Colors are sometimes intensely brilliant and among the most beautiful beetles in Australia. Many species in this genus (species group; Chrysophtharta) will almost completely fade after death.      

It is a fools errand to unravel this complex group and greater men than I have tried.  But it is a wonderful excuse for a life in the bush and I experience much joy in trying.

Using visual clues alone to identify some of the more variable species comes with considerable risk of errors.  But advanced ID techniques such as dissections and DNA analysis is out of reach for many of us, so with this caution in mind, lets go...

Thanks to Geoff Walker my walking buddy and fellow traveler for many enjoyable excursions and friendship. Thanks also to Ian, Trevor and Christiane for providing some of the interstate specimens.  Thanks to Dr. Ken Walker, David deLittle, Daniel Dobrosak, Gunter Maywald and particularly Dr. Chris Reid for many  identifications and for trying to keep me accurate.  

Martin Lagerwey (B.Sc. App.Biol.)


Paropsisterna sp. Victoria

Paropsisterna gloriosa  Victoria

Paropsisterna beata   Queensland