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Parkway Shaw's Clinics Program

Shaw's Skills Training
with John Grayson

Monday September 12th Until Friday October 28th
John Grayson, a professional soccer trainer, has been hired to run skills clinics for our Parkway Soccer Teams for the Fall Season. Here is his line-up, effective from Monday September 12. We are lucky to once again have John's expertise to assist us on the practice fields at Millenium Park.  Please use his knowledge and skills to support the development of your players' love and interest in the game. 
Important Information for Coaches: As a coach, you are welcome to use John's C, D or E skills session as your weekly practice time. If your team is going to attend the clinic as a group for team practice, please plan to have one or both coaches present to assist at the clinic.  If the skills session is not on your regular practice day, you can switch - Email Joyce ( to request permission for your players to attend the clinic on a different day.

A & B Division Clinics (4-5:30 pm) are on the A Division Fields (Field B).  C, D, & E Division (5:30 - 7 pm) clinics are on Field A-2 (Middle Level of Middle Field).  Please bring a soccer ball and a water bottle to the clinic. All participants must wear shin guards and soccer shoes.

4 - 5.30 - A and B Division CO-ED Clinics
5.30 - 7 - Girls U9 & U10 Travel Clinics (includes B & C Division Girls)
4 - 5.30 - A and B Division Co-ED Clinics
5.30 - 7 - Girls U11 and Girls U12 Travel Clinics (includes C & D Division Girls)
4 - 5.30 - A and B Division CO-ED Clinics
5.30 - 7 - C Division clinics + U-9 & U-10 Travel Teams (CO-ED Clinic)
4 - 5.30 - A and B Division CO-ED Clinics
5.30 - 7 - D Division clinics + U-11 & U12 Travel Teams (CO-ED Clinic)

4 - 5.30 - A and B Division CO-ED Clinics
5.30 - 7 - E Division clinics + U14 Travel Teams (CO-ED Clinic)


Meet John Grayson

John Grayson is the Director of Clinics for the Parkway Travel and Recreation Soccer Programs. Coach Grayson holds the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Advanced National Diploma, Advanced Youth Diploma, and Advanced Goalkeeping Diploma. As a Professional Soccer Coach and Clinician, Coach Grayson specializes in training youth and high school soccer players in the skills, strength, fitness, and agility necessary to fully appreciate their love for soccer.


Parkway Soccer Clinics at Millenium Park

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