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Let the world change you and you can change the world.  Deje el mundo cambiarle y usted puede cambiar el mundo.        - Che Guevara

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Multicultural and Ethical Issues Homework

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9/13  Create a soundtrack of 5 songs that would go along with the water issues we discussed in class.  The first two songs could be highlighting how people feel when water is a problem, the next two songs could be about people joining together (meeting, organizing, protesting) to dialogue and think of solutions, and the last song could be about the successful outcome of their efforts.  You can post your songs here:

Or, you can write out the answers and bring them to class tomorrow!
You received a character in class today.   Think about your character as you answer each of
these questions with "true" or "false."
You have access to water in your house.
You can get water whenever you need it.
You can expect rain to fall regularly.
You have access to water reserves when there is a lack of rain.
You have access to flushing toilets.
You have access to washing facilities.
Your house has a working drainage system.
You do not worry that war will force you to move to a region with less water.
You do not worry that nearby factories will use up all your water.
Now, still as your character, think about what you CAN do to solve the water issues we talked
about today in class.  (2-3 sentences)

Strategic Reading Links and Homework Tool Kit

This week in class we will play around with the 321 Strategy: 

321 Strategy

We will use Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/ to create a community of readers in our class.  

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