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Fission Theory

Theory: George Darwin, the son of Charles Darwin, proposed this theory. He was a British mathematician and astronomer, and he proposed this theory in 1879. Darwin did not receive much attention from this theory, because most of the people at that time were not particularly interested in the Moon's origin. His theory is that the Moon was formed while the Earth was rapidly spinning while it was still molten. He claims that since the Earth was spinning so fast, part of it just flew off into space. It is believed that if this occurred, the Moon would have broke off from the Pacific Ocean Basin region. Darwin believed this theory to be correct, because the Moon is gradually moving farther and farther away from the Earth. 

Explanation: Although this theory does explain some of the composition similarities between the Moon and the Earth, it is not generally accepted. The reason for this is that angular momentum of the Earth today is too small for this to have occurred. It would not have been possible for part of the Earth to just escape into space.