Art Docent

The Art Docent Program is a nonprofit program that serves all the students who attend Park Orchard Elementary School. It was conceived to provide students with additional art education because the school budget does not support a full-time art teacher. The program leverages Green River Community College's Interurban Center for the Arts which provides training and artist information.
Art Lessons: Starting in October, Art Docents present a monthly 45-minute lesson. Each lesson presents an Art Master, and teaches students about  artwork, art elements, and encourages interest, participation, and enjoyment of art through a hands-on, age appropriate project.

Anyone can be an Art Docent. You do not need an art background and will receive training for all necessary skills, and supplies are provided by the Art Docent Program.

As a volunteer in the classroom, you share your art experience with the students and see their skills and creativity grow throughout the school year.  And, your child will benefit from your participation in the classroom!

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