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Thinking Maps

Thinking Maps are graphic organizers that support specific thinking skills and allow students to organize information.  They allow students to better outline writing assignments or compare and contrast two different things.  The District 219 Niles Township High Schools created What Are Thinking Maps? that details the eight different map types and how they might be used.

Map Templates

Thinking Skill



 Defining in Context
  • How are you defining this thing or idea?
  • What is the context?
  • What is your frame of reference?


 Descibing Qualities
  • How are you describing this thing or idea?
  • Which adjectives would best describe this thing?


 Compare and Contrast
  • What are the similar and different qualities of these things?
  • What qualities of each thing correspond to one another?  In what way?

Double Bubble

 Classifying and Categorizing
  • What sort of thing is this?
  • What are the sub-categories?
  • Whar other things can go into these sub-categories?


 Part to Whole
  • What is the whole object or concept?
  • What are the major parts of it?
  • What are the subparts of each major part (if any)?


  • What happened?
  • What is the sequence of events?
  • What are the substages?

Flow Chart

 Cause and Effect
  • What are the causs and effects of this event?
  • What might happen next?


 Seeing Analogies
  • What is the analogy being used?
  • What is the guiding metaphor?


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