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One of the best things you can do as a young, aspiring musician is to listen to the masters. You can find one that play your instrument from the list below. Look them up and listen to what they do... you'll be a better musician for it!
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Alessi, Joe Trombone Classical Soloist/Symphony Musician 
Andre, Maruice Trumpet Classical Soloist 
Bliss, Julian Clarinet Classical Soloist 
Bowman, Brian Euphonium Classical Soloist/Military Bandsman 
Brain, Dennis French Horn Classical Soloist 
Brown, Clifford Trumpet Jazz Musician 
Coltrane, John Saxophone Jazz Musician 
Davis, Miles Trumpet Jazz Musician 
Falcone, Leonard Euphonium Classical Soloist 
Farkas, Philip French Horn Classical Soloist/Symphony Musician 
Fletcher, John Tuba Classical Soloist 
Galway, James Flute Classical Soloist 
Goodman, Benny Clarinet Jazz Musician/Band Leader/Composer 
Herseth, Bud Trumpet Classical Soloist/Symphony Musician 
J. J. Johnson Trombone Jazz Musician 
Mack, John Oboe Classical Soloist 
Mann, Herbie Flute Jazz Musician 
Marsalis, Wynton Trumpet Jazz Musician/Classical Soloist 
Meyer, Sabine Clarinet Classical Soloist 
Most, Sam Flute Jazz Musician 
Mule, Marcel Saxophone Classical Soloist 
Ory, Kid Trombone Jazz Musician 
Parker, Charlie Saxophone Jazz Musician 
Pittel, Harvey Saxophone Classical Soloist 
Pokorny, Gene Tuba Classical Soloist/Symphony Musician 
Rampal, Jean Pierre Flute Classical Soloist 
Ruske, Eric French Horn Classical Soloist 
Sheridan, Pat Tuba Classical Soloist 
Still, Ray Oboe Classical Soloist/Symphony Musician 
Watrous, Bill Trombone Jazz Musician 
Showing 30 items