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KKUP - Park Your Dial at 91.5 FM for a Visionary Radio Experience

The much anticipated KKUP Visionary Music Marathon 

This Visionary Event is scheduled for Sunday, January 7th, 2018 :: 8:00 AM - Midnight


KKUP is an outstanding non-commercial radio station for the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas. KKUP has been broadcasting for more than 43 years; existing at the request of its listeners and entirely supported by donations from its listening community.

Arduous hours of support are donated by volunteers.  And by such giving efforts... through such donations as these; our station is made possible. It's our station.  KKUP is the People's Radio Station.

It is our custom, during the Visionary Marathon, to acknowledge that this station exists because of the visionary outlook and intention of our founders; a history of which is available at the KKUP web site.  During the Visionary Marathon it is also our custom to recognize the radio station's staff, management and supporters.  We provide for and perform -- in service to the listening community.  You, Kind Listener, are  the essential reason as to why there is a station called KKUP.

So the most important custom of all, is to begin our New Year here at KKUP by profusely thanking our listeners.  Our vision is audible, thanks to you.  Together, we resonate.  Together, in 2018, we plan to make ourselves heard.  Thank you.

During this Visionary Marathon, we are privileged to share a musical genre which is evolving, inspiring, and often contemplative.  It is the music  of sound-scapes; a mirror for focus.  This  is music which expresses the sustained awareness of being; an ebb and flow of tonal progressions which may command Electronica as well as a Acoustic influences.  The spheric, etheric, tribal, and orchestral .... combine in a free form expression of being. 

Throughout this marathon, we invite you to discover the variety of contemporary, often cutting-edge combinations of ambient sound-scapes and musical forms which are to be found under our Visionary umbrella.  

Please be made aware of our gratitude for our listeners here at KKUP; one of the few stations in which this rich musical variety can be heard.

Throughout this upcoming marathon, please share with KKUP staff and volunteers in supporting our station.  Donate.  Pledge. We so very much thank you for continuing to support progressive music and this exploration of New Sound possibilities.

Throughout the 2018 marathon, you will be given the opportunity to receive, as our THANK YOU, cds of the music we are playing.  Call the station.  Because of our fund-raiser, listeners will hear our phone numbers repeated often.

408-260-2999 or 831-255-2999 

You will need to call the station to receive a premium CD.

408-260-2999 or 831-255-2999 

Other premiums are available at the KKUP Web Site at KKUP.org or KKUP.com - please donate via our secure Pay Pal link.

For a schedule of the other KKUP Marathons, please refer to the station's web site.


Cheryl A. Magill