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Class Materials

As soon as possible, make sure to get the required materials for class.  Please bring these things to class everyday as they will NOT be supplied for you.

Materials Needed:

1) Paper. 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper or a spiral notebook.

2) Pencil or Pen. Pencils are preferred, but pens are acceptable.

3) A graphing calculator will be provided for you in class.  If you have your own, we can learn to use it also!!                           

4) Textbook:  Texts must be covered immediately, and remain covered throughout the year.  Students will be fined for any damage that occurs to the textbook during the school year.  Do not leave these in the classroomThey are yours to use throughout the year and you will need them with you!

5) Internet access: You will need access to the internet from time to time to complete projects that we begin in class and you will be expected to complete outside of class. The school has computers in the library and computer lab as well as laptops that can be checked out. If you do not have a good way to access the internet, please talk to me and we will work something out.