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The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the national value per volunteer hour is $19.51. Federal and state parks have discovered the value of RV volunteers. RV volunteers are in high demand at these parks. We hope in the future large cities will take the necessary steps to attract volunteer camp hosts eager to volunteer their services and at the same time experience travel to the large cities. It is our hope cities will also recognize how RV volunteers could provide much needed services for their citizens. To accomplish this symbiotic relationship forward looking cities must first build designated RV volunteer sites in handy locations. The sites could be placed near museums, zoos, libraries, parks, hospitals, government buildings, airports, lakes, bike paths, stadiums ..all areas able to utilize volunteers. The RV sites would then be exchanged for volunteer services. The relatively low cost to construct the RV sites ($10,000 to $15,000 per campsite) would be offset by the increase in a diverse and experienced workforce. The work history of RV volunteers is broad, ranging from academia to the trades. It is our firm belief that cities willing and able to provide the RV sites in exchange for an expanded quality workforce will find, just as state and national parks have found, exchanging RV sites for volunteer hours, is a most beneficial arrangement. These cities will be the best equipped to reap the rewards of the new wave of voluntourism and with it the benefits these volunteers will provide in the future. This is one of those win-win situations and our hope for the future.
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