Park Hill Farm

Raw Honey and naturally grown herbs and vegetables in the greater Twin Cities Area

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Welcome!  Park Hill Farm is located near Plum City, WI, next to Nugget Lake County Park (750 acres of wild goodness). We live in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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May 2024

Our annual Edina plant sale will be May 17-18. You can buy before then by appointment.

Tomatoes and peppers are getting sold - if you really need a particular variety, this is the time.  (Look on the side menu for varieties.) There will still be planty for the sale, but a few varieties are gone.

 $3 each, or 10 for $25.

We also have honey, jam, and salsa ready for sale (see below). 

Later this year we will be at the Crystal Farmer's Market each week. (Tuesdays from 3-7pm mid-June through September. It's at Becker Park, 5530 Douglas Dr. North. )

Things for sale:

Raw honey - pints (22 oz.) $9, quarts (46 oz.) $17. Some other sizes are also available.

Home-canned goods (in glass):

Jams & jellies ($5/half pint). 

All are from our own fruits, and use organic sugar (jam). We keep it really simple.

Around the farm:

The bees have been busy, now that so many woodland flowers have been in bloom. We split a couple of the larger hives. 

We've been picking asparagus, nettles, and rhubarb already. Apple trees are budding, and I expect them to bloom right on time in May. Peas and onions are sprouting up. We are getting tomatoes and peppers in (under walls-o-water, since night temperatures can be chilly). It's been so rainy, some things have to be delayed, but we are well ahead of schedule this year. 

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