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While the Chumber is a collection of me and my stuff, the Chumblog is a running update of current affairs, both in my life and the world.  If you want to get a more personal look at who I am and what I care about, as well as what I'm up to, this is your source.

last.fm userpage

Last.fm is an exciting way to connect with music you have never heard of and other people who share you musical tastes.  After creating an account, last.fm software monitors the music you play in winamp (winners) iTunes (elitists) or WMP (unfortunate ones) and then sends it to the last.fm database.  Voila! you're the latest member of the social music revolution.

Wikipedia Userpage

I am a firm believer that Wikipedia is one of the most important innovations of our day.  Though strict academics and old fashioned researchers are highly skeptical (and rightfully so, in many respects!), there is no denying that Wikipedia is fundamentally reshaping the way individuals find information, for better or worse.  Notwithstanding the negative aspects, I feel that Wikipedia is an amazing forum of scholars, experts, laypeople, and many others simply interested in a topic.  With those who feel passionate about a subject taking their free time to contribute to related Wikipedia articles, this 21st-century encyclopedia provides real-time peer review to virtually every topic imaginable.  There are even university courses offered for free and led by expert scholars at Wikiversity, with course texts often hosted for free at Wikibooks.  Imagine the ramifications: free access to knowledge for all those who want it.  Education - the great equalizer - could finally become universally accomplished.