History Senior Seminar

an experiment in wiki notetaking and an attempt at scholarship 

I've mentioned elsewhere that I am majoring in both History and French at Centenary.  Part of the major in History is a capstone course involving some type of original historical research.

Although many of the assigned texts explaining the finer points of the scholarly method seem to have a neolithic aversion to all things electronic, including computers, the internet, etc., I am taking a bold step and experimenting with a new program for arranging my notes.

Wikidpad is basically a wiki-style text editor...sort of like Notepad on steroids.  Though I'm no expert with wiki, the program is simple enough to use and also has the ability to export files to .html.  Hence, I have decided to make the work that I do public.  Of course, this will be on an irregular basis, my site updates are rare.   Also, I'm not sure to what extent I want my original work freely available to others.

But those are questions to be answered later.  Suffice it to say this effort will accomplish the goals of my learning the increasingly important language of wiki and contributing to historical scholarship.

If you are interested, you may view my most recent update to the file here, as well as by clicking on the sub-link at top-left.