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Growing Practices

Most crops are grown chemical-free.  Fertility is managed through the extensive use of animal and green manures and spread on the field with a manure spreader. Each year 150 tons of chicken manure is brought to the farm which compost during winter in preparation for the spring spreading. This ensures that the soil will receive the nutrients it needs to sustain it and the crops.

Spraying is kept to an absolute minimum. Proper crop rotation is the best way to control insects and diseases, but when faced with a pest problems the potential damage to the crop is considered. If it is just minor cosmetic damage, like a couple of pinholes in the greens then spraying is not necessary, but if it is something that could potentially wipe out a crop, then spraying may be a necessity. Fortunately, there is a number of low toxicity, organically approved fungicides and pesticides available.  

The sweet corn crop in managed differently from the other crops.  It is grown in rented fields away from the main farm, and an I.P.M approach is used.  A non organic spray is used on the corn. 

GMO crops are not grown at Parker Farm. GMO's aren’t bred for taste; they are bred for insect/disease/chemical resistance. 

I feel very comfortable with my growing practices. If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at parkerfarmma@gmail.com