Hollands duin

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Hollands Duin is a dune area along the coast between Scheveningen and Noordwijk in the Dutch province of South Holland.
The area consists of alternating wooded and open areas and wet dune valleys where seepage to the surface and at different locations constitutes dune lakes.
The area covers about 2750 hectares, stretching between Scheveningen and Noordwijk on about 17 km. The strip is on average 2.5 km wide. The area is managed by the Forestry Commission. 
Hollands Duin is close to Meijendel and together making it the largest contiguous dune area of South Holland. In Holland Dune is a rare herb for dogs, one a pink orchid species, pyramidal inflorescence know. It blooms from May to August. In the vicinity of the Wassenaar battle is the only habitat of the many extremely rare cross-leaf gentian. More generally occurring plant and fungus species include buckthorn, sea holly, sea pansy, crane's bill, bitter herbs, sand sedge, hirsuta, early assessment, three thistle, large thyme, burnet rose, Earth Star, lichens, sea beet and sea kale. Between March and September, the stonechat guest in the area.