Summer Camps

I have taught Summer Camps since 2003, they started out in a park in Hooper and I now teach them in my backyard or in my basement depending on weather and the camps needs.  I enjoy seeing previous preschool children and enjoy teaching in a more relaxed setting.  My goal for the summer camps is to have the children continue learning through hands on activities that they may not have time to do in a regular classroom.  (For more information about me click on About Parke Preschool.)

2018 Camps

2015 Camps

Summer Camps taught in 2014

Please e-mail or call to reserve your child's spot.  Payment of class will hold your child's registration.  All classes are nonrefundable.  Ask about payment arrangements if needed.

*If you see a past camp you would like me to do this Summer or next please let me know.

Summer Camps 2010
Fairy Tale/Folk Tale Camps Age 3-9
Day Camps Ages 3-9

Summer of 2009

Nursery Rhyme Camps Ages 3-8


Pictures from the Harry Potter camp, left creating a scene, right observing real owls.

Below is a list of camps I have done in the past. 
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Previous Summer Camps
Previous Summer Camps
Art Camp - Hands on activites include, drawing, coloring, water coloring, painting, crafts and 3-D projects. 
Science - Hands on experiments done by teacher and students. 
Literacy - Nursery Rhymes - Singing and Literacy Activities that help with Reading and Comprehension. 
Harry Potter - Classes include Potions, Care of Magical Creatures and Astrology, Transfiguration, a Triwizard Tournament and a Quidditch game. 
Day and Week classes - Some clases have been one day while others are a week. 
Showing 5 items