Discovering Owls

August 7, 2018, 1:30 - 3:00 PM Ages 3-11  Cost $10

Susan & Ross Pope will be co-teaching this camp with me, they are master falconers and have state and federal licenses to raise and handle birds.  They have been flying and hunting with birds of prey for over 18 years.  They have flown Kestrals, Great Horned Owls, Red Tailed Hawks, Red Shouldered hawks, and Harris Hawks.  They often do Educational and Arrow of Light Programs.

*They will bring a Great horned and screech owl.
*Children will have a chance to see & learn about owls up close and be able to touch one of the owls.
*Create an owl - an art project
*Explore owl pellets

This class will fill up quickly, please e-mail or call Sarah Parke to reserve your spot, for more information about Sarah Parke visit About Parke Preschool, 801.336.8099