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Water Testing

This section will be used to record our findings with respect to water quality, both before and after any drilling, based upon samples from various source locations.
  • Water test results from 540 Galahad Ct. These are from samples taken on 12/13/2010.
  • Pre-drilling water test results from 1263 Vaquero Way (Santa Maria subdivision). Note that this test was conducted by TetraTech and paid for by El Paso. The report is 106 pages long. Interpretation of results:
    • Pay close attention the "Sample Results' on pages 10 thru 19 of the 106-page report. It's confusing to understand this since there are dozens of pages after these results for blank and spike blank results -- these are simply the lab reporting on known measured samples -- water samples there were not from the well but were 'spiked' with known amounts of these organic chemicals -- in order to prove the lab is working properly.
    • The actual well tests on pages 10 -16 show the well as having no organic chemicals - no benzene, no methane, -- in fact all the volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants they tested for are listed as "ND" meaning "not detected'  -- the organic chemicals like benzene are the type of chemicals one might expect to have IF a well were contaminated by drilling for oil and gas, so this test shows the well has not been affected by drilling. 
    • Also this shows that the well does not have methane gas from any source -- sometimes methane can be in a domestic well due to bacteria decaying something in the ground like buried logs or coal, but this well is free of all organic chemicals.   This means that if the well ever started to have any of these organic chemicals, that would tend to prove that it had been harmed by the nearby drilling.
    • Also note on page 18 that they list uranium at 1.7 ug/l, which is well below the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level "MCL" of 30 ug/l but above the goal EPA sets for uranium which is zero -- the last few pages of the 106-pages list the MCL in drinking established by EPA and are hard to read -- find the complete list on EPA's webpage at: http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/index.cfm
  • Water test results from 1171 Cty Rd 17
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