Water Quality

The biggest concern raised by the drilling operations here in the county come from the possible impacts on our water. This is not only the water that we drink, but the water that flows down into the taps of Denver and other front range communities. And it is the water that nourishes the fish and other wildlife that make this place so magical.
In order to know what impacts the drilling may have in the future, it is absolutely critical that we determine exactly what is in our water today, so that we have a baselien to compare to later once any drilling and fracking operations take place.
The Community Science Institute provides a set of recommended water tests, along with a set of frequently asked questions, along with answers, to help understand why one should test, and how these tests should be conducted. And another group, ShaleTest, is providing funding to help those who are in areas where drilling is occuring, but who might not otherwise be able to afford the costs of such testing (click for more info).
Note that, under the arrangement worked out with the county, El Paso has already done pre-drill testing on a number of wells around their initial drill site near Santa Maria. Some results from that testing are included here on this site.
A number of area residents have had tests run, or are planning to have tests run, on their own water supplies. The Water Testing page will include those results that we have been asked to share.