You can view the area where drilling is occuring in several ways. The Printable Maps page includes links to numerous static maps, while the Google Maps page includes moveable Google maps of the area.
Alos, a great wayt to see the relevant drilling data in map form is via the COGCC mapping tool. You can access this by clicking the "Maps" link on the left side of the COGCC web site, or can access it directly by clicking here. Note that in order to use this tool, you will need to download a free AutoDesk plugin, available by click here. Once you load the tool, you will probably want to click the boxes on the left side that show you major and local roads. You can also add overlay a satellitte image or topo maps, to get a better sense of where the wells are located. You can view the actual and planned horizontal drilling locations, waterways and water wells in the area. You can add color coding to call out state lands, state wildlife areas, and BLM lands. In order to navigate around the map, you can jump to specific wells, to specific Township Range locations, or to specific towns; you can also drag the map around using the little "hand" icon.
This tool has many features, and you may have to play around with it a bit to figure it all out, but it is really helpful in understanding the relative placement and geography of the drilling activity.
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