We are a group that is concerned about the mineral resource development going on in the Park County area, and especially the South Park portion of the county. We are closely monitoring the various companies and government organizations involved in this area, with the aim of ensuring that any such development is done responsibly, and with an eye to future generations in mind.
We assert that this is a unique and special place whose character should be preserved, and we are incredibly conscious of the fact that this area supplies precious drinking water to millions who live along the Colorado Front Range. Drilling and other mineral development occurring anywhere in the world should take place in strict according to the regulations and scientific principles that help protect current and future generations. And the special heritage of this area, along with the important role that our water plays in sustaining many communities, lead us to be especially vigilant with respect to mineral operations here in South Park.
For more information, or to get involved, you are encouraged to contact us via our Google Group related to the issue. Our Goggle group can be found here: http://groups.google.com/group/concerned-about-park-county-gas-drilling.
You may also contact dorissouthpark@gmail.com for more information on the work in which we are engaged.