Latest Updates on Robotics

Pi-Rats Robotics Team


There is still time for anyone who are interested or wishes to join the Pi-Rats robotics team.

All are welcome!!
Latest Updates:
Lost a close 7th round and blew a pneumatic fitting during the 8th round so we weren't able to finish as strong as we wanted. Finished qualification ranked 15th overall. We graciously accepted an invitation to join the RUST (team 2225) and ERRORS (team 3130) alliance  for the elimination rounds. The alliance succeeded in  winning the quarter final match up but were eliminated in the semifinal round.

The team is competing at MN North Star Regional. We're doing well and having a lot of fun. Our robot shoots 3 pt discs during autonomous and teleop and climbs onto the first rung of the pyramid.

New members and the first meeting. Sarah and Will have joined the family knowing new things happening. 


    We started building the carts that will be helping us for the competition.  It started out completely simple, but suddenly became complicated. We are still continuing to building the cart and we hoped to finished sometime during the kick-off.

11/29 - 12/6/11
Plans, Plans and more Plans.

    We are coming up plans for the robot's programs and cart in the upcoming competition. We started learning a new program called the Pro Engineer, which enable us to have more ability to build our robots.

Mini Competition

    We participated in the last competition for the new rookies, which they will get the feeling of robotics. During the competition, the rookies gain new experience on how to drive the robots and on the overall competition.

Quotes from team members:

Dan Lindborg: "Let's get our geek on."

Hesper Phan: "Now I want to drive the robot into the wall."

Jon Gruber: "...interesting..."