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Bergman Sue

Obituary in Duluth News-Tribune

b. about 1910 Parkano

d. 2000 USA California Sacramento

Emigrated 1919 to International Falls. Lived in Sacramento for more than 40 years. Lived in Duluth 1986-96.

Brander Karl Einar

Parkano church records

b. 28.5.1869 Pudasjärvi

Parents: Forest manager Evald Kasimir Wilhelm Brander b. 5.11.1835 Ristiina and Eva Gustava Erika Ekström b. 26.6.1843 Tornio

Passport information 25.12.1892 abroad

Karl Brander

Occupation in Finland: Forest manager´s son

No passenger record from Finland found 

Has only been visiting abroad, is back in Finland 1893

Latest update 15th June 2008

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