Andreas Park

I am a Professor of Finance at the University of Toronto. I started my career at UofT in 2003 at the Economics Department, and since July 2015, I am with the Department of Management at UTM and the Rotman School of Management. I'm also currently serving as the Research Director at the FinHub, the Rotman School's Financial Innovation lab. I spent the 2014-2015 academic year in Wonderful Copenhagen as a Visiting Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School. My research is in financial market structure and, more recently, in FinTech. I working to gain a better understanding how technological innovations such as blockchain technology or high-frequency algorithmic trading affect financial markets. My research is both theoretical and empirical.

I have published and forthcoming papers in a wide range of economics and finance journals, including Econometrica, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. I have previously served as co-director of UofT's Master in Financial Economics program, and I am the Associate Chair of the Department of Management. My PhD (in Economics) is from Cambridge University, and I did my undergrad (in mathematical economics) at Bielefeld University.

Podcast Alert

New stuff (Nov 29, 2023). Fahad Saleh and I hosted a podcast series for the CBER-Forum together with Ava Labs on "Crafting the Crypto-Economy". It's hosted and produced by OWL Explains.

For students interested in Rotman's PhD program, please read this statement from my colleague Lisa Kramer, which applies to me equally. 

For UofT/UTM students interested in graduate programs, please read here. 

Scam warning: There are currently chat groups on WhatsApp and Telegram by the name of "Encryption Alliance" (or similar) that criminals have formed stealing my name, profile picture, and profile information.  I am not involved with any of these groups in any way, they are a con, and I strongly encourage anyone who has been contacted to report these groups as scam and to contact the police. I have myself reported these groups to the RCMP.