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This news section will cover both international and domestic news. For more information about the Parizhian calendar

24th December - 11th Hemte 2012

Official script change

Over the past few weeks, there has been much discussion over changing the official script of Parizhia to a modification of the Alarussian alphabet as used in Parthava.

The vote, which went out recently, targeted mainly people aged under 19, who make a much greater use of electronic equipment such as computers and text messaging. 

The International Secretary also had a strong say in it. Alarussian is a common script in both Avrupea and Aghasya, whereas the Armavi script is seldom used outside Parizhia. Changing the script would bring Parizhia much closer to her allies both westwards and eastwards.

The decree won a huge victory - 87 % of people were in favour of changing the script. Work has begun on changing road signs and public transport signs (which are the first priority), however, with so much to cover, this may take a long time. Schools must also be changed to include the new script.

However, the old script is not completely dead. Several shops are keeping their signs up, and a lot of advertising campaigns are scheduled to be done using the old script. The new fonts for this script have made it a lot more appealing to several industries, and it is now seen as "classy."

Storm hits Istepuli

The storm, which was scheduled to arrive over a week ago, finally hit Istepuli 2 days ago.

15th December - 2nd Hemte 2012

Parizhians take to their computers

In response to the governments consideration of changing the official scripts, Parizhian nationalists have taken to their computers and have begun coding what made the government consider this in the first place - cross compatibility.

In particular, the Iniwiccan firm, Staakritous, has created a vertical web browser - compatible with the Parthavan and Parizhian scripts. Roughly 30 new fonts have been released, as well as roughly 10 new pieces of software, and 40 plugins for existing programs.

However, this does not overrule the vote which will be conducted over the next week, aimed mainly at under 25s (young adults and students), who are far more in-touch with todays technology and will understand better the need for a horizontal script.

Secular Party wins Istilya

The provincial elections started a year ago in Istilya
on the death of the previous Setrep, Elena Telestrakina (aged 46 at death). Now, the voting and campaigns have finished, and the new Setrep of Istilya has been voted in. Temeyrchin Aghanay, the current leader of the Secular Party of Istilya, is taking control over this central province.

However, this has left many people annoyed at the results. The Secular Party recently attracted attention for trying to destroy the inscription of the Madayahura on Takh-e-Kasra, in Parthava. It has many hard-line policies that all have one aim - to separate religion from the people as much as possible. These policies include things such as banning religious buildings from displaying their posters, and banning prolysetising altogether.

However, this shouldnt be a huge problem for the highly unreligious population of Istilya. Statistics show that, although 94 % of its population identifies itself as Vushti, only 2 % attend any form of religious gatherings regularly.

8th  December - 23rd Miyelikas

Fires kill 12 in Istilyan steppe

A fire whose cause is unknown raged through over40 km of steppe 100 km south of Steylia and killed 12 nomads and their livestock in their gers. The fire struck at near midnight. Police believe that it may have been started maliciously

Aid will be sent to the nomadic clan and their families to try compensate for their losses

ICPN ratings show that Parizhian medicine may be the best in the world

The ICPN consists of 98 member countries, out of which, Parizhia has recieved the highest score for its medical technology.

Parizhia ranked 1st for number of medical schools, medical technology, hospitals, and number of doctors per person. However, it was beaten by Parthava and Aghantia in the "healthy lifestyle" categories.

 Parizhia may adopt new script

Since the arrival of modern computing technology in 1960s Goethike, Parizhia has struggled to keep its alphabet. It is estimated that only 34 % of under 15s use the Parizhian alphabet (even thought almost 99 % know it), and recent statistics show that the majority of youth use a modification of the modern Parthavan alphabet.

The Parizhian script is trouble for official uses as well. Only 2 word-processing softwares have been released that can support complex vertical writing, with only about 8 fonts for the Parizhian alphabet (none of which represent very well the actual alphabet as handwritten by people). The Parthavan / Alarussian script has thousands of fonts, and, seeing as the writing direction is left-to-right, all computer software supports it.

Yesterday, linguists and spokespeople met from Parizhia in Steylia to discuss changing script to a modification of the modern Parthavan script. Althought no decision has been reached yet, it is expected that a vote will be decreed in the next few days.

Although the autonomous region of Parthava is in favour of this, Illinia protests, and demands that it be allowed to use the Illinian script instead of the Alarussian script.

Revolts in Asaral

The newly annexed provinces in Asaral and Falashtiyah are experiencing heavy riots as both Asaralians and Falashtiyans are still adjusting to the new Parizhian regime.

Yesterday, 30 people were killed in riots, 74 the day before, and 46 today. Soldiers are being ordered to put the territories under military control for the time being (constant ID checks; upped security; and curfews), however, it is not known how long this will last.

People in SE Parizhia are worried that the unrest may spread to their provinces, however, the Shehenshah has told them not to worry, and that everything is being done to stabilise the situation.

Avustrean Immigrants flood into Parizhia

Planes carrying immigrants from Avustrea arrive several times a day nowadays in the airports of Istepuli, Hamadan, and Steylia. Mostly, these are "pagans," a name given to anyone not Khejerisht; who have come to Parizhia to seek a new life and freedom from the oppressive regime in Avustrea.

It is estimated that over 6,000 Avustrean immigrants have arrived in the past 5 days, since the ban on Avustreans entering the country was lifted, mostly heading for Istepuli.

Although the new Diowir of Avustrea has made huge leaps in bridging the gaps between the highly religious and conservative society in Avustrea and the young, modern culture in Parizhia, it is reported that thousands of "pagans" are killed by religious police, who operate outside the new laws brought in by the Diowir.

With the immigrants have arrived a mass of new ideas, culture, and all-round "pagan" diversity. However, it is feared that Khejerisht terrorists may also be able to creep into the country with more ease nowadays.

Storm predicted in southern Istepuli

Meteorologists predict that a heavy storm will hit Istepuli in 5 days time.

Istepuli lies on two continents, with 876 m of water between them - a sea that gets up to 500 m deep at its deepest point. It is completely unguarded from southern winds coming up from the Median sea.

People have been warned to remain in their houses and remove all loose possessions from outside to sheltered indoor areas within the next three days in preparation for this storm.

2nd December - 17th Miyelikas

Avustrean-Parizhian border may be dissipated

The new relations between the newly elected Diowir of Avustrea and the Shehenshah of Parizhia may be about to lead to a border dissappearance, as is the case with most central Aghantian states, instead relying on a rough border determined by population and resource distribution. The proposition came from the Diowir only 4 days ago.

However, Parizhia has not reached a decision on this. Dissipating the borders would open Parizhia a lot more to criminals and Khejerisht terrorists from Avustrea, which the current borders to well to prevent. It is likely that the proposition would be rejected until Parizhia is certain that it would be safe.

On the other hand, Parizhia has agreed to stop denial of access to Avustrean residents from entering Parizhia, and a free trade agreement will be signed in 3 days time.

Aghantian league accepts Parizhia's application

Recently, Parizhia applied to become a member state of the Aghantian leage, which currently comprises of Aghantia, Parthava, Armashta, and several other states living in the steppe of central Aghantia.

This will allow new levels of trade and cultural exchange with these other  countries, as well as providing a strong military alliance to Parizhia. These advantages will be hugely welcome to Parizhia.

Aryana's Education Secretary may bring drastic changes to Aryana's education system

Aryana, in north-east Parthava province, is trying to bring about drastic changes in its education system.

The province is home to a large Aryan majority - 76 % of the population are Aryan, with the remaining 24 % being comprised of Parthavans, Parzh, and other minorities.

The education secretary says that the changes will make the province more Aryan - closer to the system of education in Arya and Sasarya, just east of Parizhia. She has proposed that specialist career training begin at 18 as opposed to 15, and that the school leaving age changed to 16.

However, the Shehenshah has declared that doing this may make the province too un-Parizhian. There is a strong chance that the application will be rejected. 

25th November - 10th Miyelikas 2012

3D computer screens invented

The Parthavan TNC Bortsong has developed the first ever 3-dimensional computer screen for use with their new computer.

The screen revolves around a hologram projector, which projects the images into the air, a few centimetres above the projector. Users can actually go into the computer and hold and drag windows with their hands, without the need of a mouse for simple functions such as these. 

However, this early version only does its images in monochrome (shades of red), however, this should be fixed by the next release 

The computer's first version is going to be released to technical testers in just under three months, and the final release date is set for one year from now. It is thought that the initial price will be set around 40,000 Tughriq.

17th November - 2nd Miyelikas 2012

Shehenshah marries

Three days ago, celebrations filled the cities and villages as announcements of Shehenshah Meryem's marriage to Daryush-Khan was announced.

Daryush is the Prince of Parthava (the country, not the region of Parizhia), which is further east in Aghantia from Parizhia. This event will mark a new era in Parizhian-Parthavan relations.

1 in 3 Parizhians may be at risk of or suffering eating disorders, says new research

The PS-1261 survey form, which went out three weeks ago, has come back, and the results show some shocking figures.

It reveals that 1 in 3 Parizhians under the age of 25 may be at risk of or suffering from eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia) or may have BDD. This seems to affect more girls than boys (a ratio of 11:10), and mostly people between the age of 13 and 22.

Psychologists blame the constant displaying of models and "perfect bodies" by the media as one of the major causes. However, one group of psychologists and historians says that the problem may be more deep rooted - drawing on ancient texts and censuses to show that eating disorders have been common since pre-Artakhshandan times.

One reassuring fact is that only 1 % of sufferers are hospitalised. Most people stop loosing weight when their BMI has reached 17 or 16, after which, that weight is maintained.

General Yeldeyrem recieves challenge

General Yeldeyrem, the main commander in charge of operations in Asaral, has recieved a challenge from the Arveth Shenasi, the main rebel group that is causing grief for the Parizhian and Parsan soldiers.

A copy of the letter has been sent to the ICPN, who will decide whether or not to accept. The terms stated that if the Arveth Shenasi lost, the Parizhians could have all the land they owned and they would stop their attacks. However, if the Parizhians lost, they would have to leave Asaral indefinitely and provide the Arveth with at least 3 nuclear missiles.

 Stem cells to be used to treat heart failures

A new technique involving stem cells taken from bone marrow of patients is to be tried out for the first time on a human patient suffering from a heart failure.

The stem cells are unspecialised. Because of this, they can specialise into cardiac muscle tissue, possibly when placed in the correct environment after the blockage has been cleared with the balloon. These could then help fix the damaged parts of the heart, allowing it to pump as normal.

This new technique is to take place at Steylia University Hospital.

12th November - 25th Zarashta 2012

 Deyer Ertap speaks against Takh-e-Kasran

Takh-e-Kasran, the most sacred place on earth for Vushtis, has been attacked in a speech given by Deyer Ertap, the leader of Parizhia's National Secular Organisation. 

He said that the inscription on the mountain should be removed in order to promote secularism in Parizhia.  "When people think of Parizhia, they think of Takh-e-Kasra," he said. "That is not the image a secular country should have."

His comment has come under heavy criticism from both Vushtis and non-Vushtis alike. For Vushtis, the mountain is a symbol of their religion, and is the emblem on many banners. Removing the inscription would remove Vushtism's emblem, and would be a direct attack on Vushtism itself.

Non-Vushtis have also attacked the comment. The Takh-e-Kasra is a hugely popular tourist attraction, and destroying it would severely damage Parthava's tourist economy. As well as that, there was the issue of intolerance. Seyid Haralang, the leader of Parizhia's Humanist Group, said that destroying the monument would be immensely unjust and intolerant, and unfair on Vushtis. The only thing that could alleviate this unfairness would be if all relgious monuments were destroyed - a path that was taken during the secularisation of Avustrea in the early 1950s that provided the perfect conditions for the Khejerisht revolution to take place and a theocracy to take place.

The monument is said to be the first copy of the Madayahura ever written. It is a master copy with which all other copies are compared for accuracy.

GM armour will be ready for Parizhian soldiers in three years, says Leader of Science

The Parizhian Leader of Science, Arazha Ev-Arya, has stated in the Scientific Parzh magazine that the GM armour will be ready for use by Parizhian soldiers in three years.

The project was aiming to genetically modify bacteria by inserting the gene for producing spider silk into them. Spider silk is one of the strongest and lightest materials around, and armour made of it would give the Parizhian soldiers a huge advantage on the battlefield.

However, many fear that the armour may be arriving too late, as soldiers have already entered Asaral and Avustrea.

Asaral begs for peace treaty

An Asaralian envoy at the ICPN centre begged for peace yesterday. He said that his President was offering up to 60 million Asaralian Lethins for peace to be passed.

The motion was voted for in the ICPN. Although all the countries (including Parizhia and Parsa) who were taking part in this war voted in favour, they were outnumbered by other countries, who said that the job had to be finished now that it had been started.

Over 1 million civilians have died in the war (mostly as a result of suicide bombs on part of the Asaralian and Falashtiyan civilians), as well as 2,000 soldiers.

4th November 2006 - 17th Zarashta 2012

 New hospital to be built in Helpsin

The Setrep of Eyerteyi has announced that a new hospital is to be built in the city of Helpsin, the capital of the province.

The new complex is to have 1,200 new beds for long-term patients; as well as 3,000 spaces for short-stay patients. It will be fitted with some of the most modern equipment, directly imported from Steylia.

However, to make space for it, three housing blocks will have to be removed. Although there are plenty of houses (and compensation will be paid to the residents) for these residents to move into, there is still a strong anti-construction sentiment within that area. This tension has been hightened by the fact that the construction teams have given the residents just 6 months to move out.

War in Avustrea stops

Yesterday, the Avustrean and Parizhian fronts met, just outside Awwezantos, thus ending the campaign.

The three week campaign cost over 20,000 lives in total, in both Parizhian and Avustrean deaths. The soldiers plan on returning in two days time, and will be rewarded by the ICPN for peace efforts.

However, the war in Asaral continues slowly. So far, half of the area has been conquered. We are still waiting for the numbers killed.

29th October 2006 - 10th Zarashta 2012

Heavy resistance in both Avustrea and Asaral

Parizhian soldiers are meeting heavy resistance during the campaigns in Avustrea and Asaral. Over 300 soldiers have been killed, and over 10,000 civilians, in colateral damage or by native rebels themselves.

Yesterday, after the victory at Mariampoli, south-western Avustrea, a bomb exploded in the main shopping area, killing several people and wounding over two thousand.  Soldiers have been sent to stabilise the situation, however, these efforts are futile.

Similar things are happening in Asaral. Bombs have exploded in 3 new Parizhian towns, killing over 6,000 people and 20 soldiers.

The Shahenshah refuses to give the order to slaughter the population, saying it will attract unwanted attention and may provoke more extremists.

Shahenshah celebrates birthday

The Shahenshah of Parizhia had her 19th birthday two days ago. In the parade through Istepuli, she allowed children from the orphanages to accompany her. (See note).

Vushtin leader announces new theology

Yesterday, the Vushtin leader announced a new philosophy on the nature of God. Her comments, however, have started unrest and anger in the more fundamentalist circles in all theistic relgions, especially Khejerishtianism, which claims to be linked to Vushtism very closely.

Sayre Eyüşteli announced yesterday that it is not god who creates people, but the people who create and assign attributes to their own personal gods.  She drew her evidence from the Madayahura, stating that it said that God is intended as more of a friend than a omnipotent mother, as some people to think, as no-where in the holy book does it state God's omnipotency, omniscienty, or anything else.  See Parizhian Philosophy for more information.

22nd October 2006 - 3rd Zarashta 2012

Man convicted of rape

For the first time in 32 years, a man was put on trial for rape. He has consequently been sentenced to death by stoning and boiling, and his execution will take place in 2 days time. The parents of the victim are the first to throw stones.

It is believed that the man is a Goethican immigrant working in Antalshehir, western Antal. He was accused of snatching a 13 year old girl from a shop and raping her in his car, before killing her.

Rape is the only crime in Parizhia that has a death sentence attached to it - usually death by stoning, but if the victim is under 15 years of age, the criminal is stoned until almost dead, then allowed to recover over a period of three days, then boiled. Because of this, such cases are extremely rare, with the previous one happening over 30 years ago.

Iniwicca wins Internation song contest

The Iniwwican singer Ferdan ey-Tsuvar won the internation Telodidlik song festival with her song "Newwe ey-ton" (without you). She won by only a small margin over the Aqrabanian female siniger, Artamini Awwazikan.

Parizhian soldiers enter Asaral and Avustrea

Parizhian soldiers have entered the northern provinces of Asaral and have annexxed the 7 northern provinces, including one Falashiyan province. 

However, it has met with fierce resistance from the locals. The soldiers are currently waiting for the order to shoot down civilians, to suppress any revolts.

Furthermore, Parizhian soldiers defeated the KAK (Kewilis ter Awostrios Kecheri - Civilians of Khejerisht Avustrea), a terrorist / rebel group, near Mahasar, in southern Avustrea.

15th October 2006 - 24th Oldak 2012

 Tensions in Avustrea

The sweeping statement the Diowir made last week has pushed religious fanatics over the edge.  Fanatical Khejerishts clashed with government forces three times over the past week in cities throughout Avustrea.  6000 people have died as a result of this.

The Diowir has asked Parizhia and Iniwicca for help. Yesterday, Parizhia sent a land force of 1000 into Avustrea in order to secure the southern provinces. As yet, they have met no opposition

Singers get ready for the Telodidlik Song contest

Nedim Ahmet, Aylin Harban, Tarkhan, Pars, and Ghurban Ayaghosht made their way to Humatsheyus, Alamas, this morning to get accustomed with the city in preparation for the Telodidlik Song contest, an annual musical contest in which contestants from all over the world participate.

7th October 2006 - 16th Oldak 2012

Newest Avustrean Deowir seeks peace

Three days ago, the previous Avustrean Deowir was murdered by a group of his own guards unhappy with the hard and fanatic theocracy he was pushing onto his people. Now his son, Ayatus Kelemanto, seeks a peace with Parizhia, including unrest in cities caused by the heavy tension. This peace treaty would also involve a population exchange, as well as lifting any embargoes currently in place.

This action has been highly appraised by the ICPN, who have been looking for a peace solution for over 20 years. It has been met with both suspicion and welcoming in the Parizhian government, however, the Shahenshah feels it is best for the people to accept the treaty. A poll will go out to the citizens in 30 days asking for their opinion.

The new Deowir has proved his intention by removing soldiers from the border provinces and instructing Avustreans in the Parizhian controlled regions of Avustrea to calm down.

Apparzati books found

The first complete Apparzati library has been found in south-east Assuria province, in SE Parizhia. The library contains over 35,000 books written in Apparcha, 12,000 of them with Artakhshathri translations.

Included among the books was a strange piece of literary work  written on a stone tablet, dated to 85,000 BI, the earliest piece of writing discovered to date. The inscription is written in this new language on top, with an Apparcha translation engraved underneath. 

All these artefacts have been taken to Steylia university, where linguists are working on their translations.

Parthava bans websites

Under direct Parizhian rule, Parthava enjoyed a fairly high freedom of internet. However, a new vote yesterday asks for the Parthavan government to ban any websites showing nudity, or encouraging violence, prejudice, or any other damaging effects. The new bans are due to begin in 6 months' time.

Conflict between Asaral and Falashtiyah

Yesterday, Asaralian soldiers went into a Falashtiyan city and butchered the population in response to a suicide bombing done by a small Khejerisht community in the Asaralian capital, Arsh. 

As a result of this, the ICPN has decided to annex the land and split it up between the three closest countries in an attempt to start a peace process.  

1st October 2006 - 10th Oldak 2012

 New Apparzati ruins discovered in Parsa

Two new cities have recently been discovered in north-west Parsa, dating from the Apparzati period. This is an exiting find for all those interested in Parizhian history.

The two cities seem to match the descriptions and locations of the cities called Ashambur and Mayal-Qushtar, as described in the Denkard, an ancient book dating from the Artamashti period. 

Along with new architectural discoveries, the discovery provides us with a deeply needed sample of the Apparcha language, which has been inscribed onto 13 huge pillars (collapsed), which seem to form a circle. The text is unclear, but it is thought that scholars will be able to figure out what it means and add to the Apparcha lexicon.

 Unrest in Avustrea following Illinia's becoming an autonomous region

Several Avustrean cities were up in the cry of "Out with the Parizhians!" as riots happened throughout Avustrea.

It is estimated that approximately 20,000 people demonstrated in the riots, mostly religious Khejerishts, wanting to become part of Avustrea again.

In response, Parizhia sent soldiers in to deal with the rioteers. At first, no damage was done, however, the following day, Avustrean rioteers began burning and defacing Parizhian military structures and assaulting civilians and soldiers. The Parizhians issued a warning, telling all innocent civilians to be within their homes with all doors and windows closed by sunset, and after that, any rioteers left in the streets were shot by the Parizhian soldiers.

The Shahenshah says this is a tragic event, but it had to be done to protect the safety of civilians. However, opponents to the Parizhian government claim that softer measures could have been taken, and some are even going so far as to call this a "genocide."

Oil and coal outlawed

As of 15th Oldak 2013, all oil and coal based fuels must be converted to one of several choices for clean, renewable energy.

Since the invention of a hydrogen fuel engine, the oil industry has severely diminished in Parizhia and most other rich countries. Only a few industries and vehicles now use oil (less than 0.05 % of vehicles, and less than 0.01 % of industry), and the government hopes a switch to renewable fuels by this bill.

However, the oil industry, which exports oil to other countries, is bound to suffer as a result, as all oil rigs have been closed down. This has not gone down well with most other governments.

The Parthava Mall complex completed

After three years of construction, the mall complex, which also contains a train and metro station, offices, and apartments, has finally been completed. 

The structure has 9 floors and covers a huge ground area. It is hoped that this will attract new people to Parthava, and will also give it a new, modern image.

24th September 2006 - 3rd Oldak 2012

Parthavan Empire celebrations

To mark the 2000th anniversary of the victory of the Parthavans (Artakhshandans) over the Lesethrians at the Battle of Idastrikos, huge celebrations were held in Istepuli and Parthavan. 

Included was the Artakhshandan military parade, where members of the Parthavan military reenacted the marches and parades of the Artakhshandans, over 2000 years ago. Also, the Sayre Khaan Rock Concert was held in both these cities, which had over 1 million guests in total.

Celebrations will be continueing over the next week. 

Parizhian Languages delegates meet with ICPN to discuss internationalisation

A meeting took place three days ago between the Shehenshah of Parizhia, the Khaan of Parthava, the Official Committee of Parizhian Languages, and the GLobalisation branch of the ICPN to discuss whether Armavi was suitable as part of a global language.

The ICPN correspondant paid particular attention to the regularity and simplicity of learning of the Parizhian languages, in particular, Armavi, which is the most regular language on the planet.  

After a series of talks, it was decided that the suffix system of Armavi and the root-suffix system of Parthavan would be incorporated into the world conlang, which is expected for completion in 2040. It will be used by ICPN and World Trade delegates to ease communication.

Ghurban Ayaghosht rises to top of charts

Ghurban Ayaghost, a 14 year old girl living in Parthavan, has recently topped the music charts after being around for only 1 week, overtaking the previous number 1, Nedim Ahmet, closely. Her songs are much more energetic, and the fact that she adopts poetry of ancient Parizhian poets and writers is hugely popular, especially in Illinia and western Parizhia, where people love to hear about their culture.

Parthava and Illinia to become autonomous regions

After two years of waiting, the approval has finally come from the government to make Parthava and Illinia autonomous regions. 

The reason for this has not always been clear - it is stated in the report that Parthava wants to become autonomous because Parthavans themselves are different from Parizhians, and the Parizhian law is not best fitting for their economy and lifestyle. Illinia gave the reason that Illinia has a completely different culture and needs different laws to benefit it.

However, Parizhian nationalists worry that this may lead to more Avustrean revolts and Illinian and Avustrean independance (this fear does not exist with Parthava, as there is no animosity between the Parthavans and the Parizhians). A complaint was registered to the government yesterday asking for more soldiers to be sent to Avustrean provinces, however, as yet, the government hasn't acted upon it.

IMPORTANT: from now on, the news will be updated weekly as I have much less time to undate the site.

15th September 2006 - 22nd Andak 2012

12 killed in cross border raid between Asaral and Falashtiyah

Falashtiyan freedom fighters crossed the heavily guarded borders separating Asaral and the small Falashtiyan provinces yesterday, raiding the nearby farming village of 'Atashalayim and killing 12, capturing 2. The 16 freedom fighters were captured by Asaral police and killed.

Yesterday, Falashtiyan civilians crossing the border to see relatives were shot because they were mistaken for terrorists. These acts committed by Asaralians have merely raised tensions between the people at a time when both governments are looking for solutions.

The small Falashtiyan population in southern Parizhia have raised a protest, demanding the government and the "Helip" of their religion to send soldiers to help them out and destroy Asaral. However, the Parizhian government banned such action, saying it would lead to further tensions.

The condition for Falashtiyans in Asaral would have definitely attracted ICPN attention, however, Asaral left the ICPN 12 years ago and so is not bound by any laws it sets down. In response to the Falashtiyan cries for freedom, the Asaralians have rounded up all Falashtiyans and have kept them in a small territory, which is watched day and night by police and soldiers. Living conditions are cramped, food and water is scarce and unclear, and disease is rampant. Falashtiyans want equal rights with Asaralians, and they want to be free from captivity.

The ICPN has threatened both sides to calm down, otherwise an ICPN army will be sent in to deal with them, most probably leading to the annexation of both Falashtiyah and Asaral. The ICPN's president, Amelia Costronovus, said that Asaral should aim for peace with its neighbours if it wants to survive, and  ordered all pro-Asaralian governments to stop supplying weapons to that region.

Cente of business moved from Amrtasia to Parizhia

In a recent poll taken several months ago, companies and businessmen were asked to give their opinions on the new location for the World Business Complex.  The chosen location was Istepuli, Parizhia, alongside the ICPN centre in the CBD.  

Construction of a brand new business complex is being planned for the CBD, near the ICPN centre. It will hold over 50,000 offices when complete, and will have direct links to the ICPN centre itself, via tram and metro.

The project should bring an estimated 6.3 billion Tughrik to Parizhia's economy per year  - a welcome investment for the more deprived areas in the east, and should also attract new immigrants to Istepuli and Parizhia, as the business complex will create many new jobs. However, the project is going to cost roughly 27 million Tughrik for construction and connections to other areas

12th September 2006 - 19th Andak 2012

Parsossian-Parizhian talk over south eastern border ends

The Shehenshah of Parizhia has finished talks today with the Shah of Parsos over the location of the south-eastern border. The south-east is a mix of Pars and Parizhian peoples scattered everywhere, and a new border was going to be drawn to distribute the population better and split resources more evenly. 

The decided contract was a completely new idea. Parsossian-Parizhian relations are extremely high, and what was decided was that there was no need for a real border, as long as both countries understood their limits in exercising their authority. In addition, the inhabitants of the grey area will vote near the end of 2013 as to which country they want to join - and this will happen every 10 years. This will determine who gets authority over whom.

11th September 2006 - 18th Andak 2012

Mass conversions from Khejerishtism

As proof of evolution circulates around the world, several thousand Khejerishts have given up their religion, calling it unscientific and false.

Perhaps the biggest change can be seen in Avustrea Kuchuk, where 20,000 Khejerishts (out of a total of 36,000) denounced their religion. Other regions of the globe have also seen similar phenomena. The Parizhian officials hope that this may lessen religious Khejerisht terrorism in their country. 

9th September 2006 -  16th Andak 2012

Terrorist attack in Hamadan kills 3, wounds 12

Khejerisht terrorists attacked the city of Hamadan this morning, killing 3 and wounding 12. They attacked the main city centre, in the shopping district. Fortunately, one of the terrorists was shot before he could detonate his bomb, and the police managed to cause enough people to run away to minimise the damage. Had they not done this, over 20 people could have died.

Hamadan is the commercial and economic capital of Avustrea Kuchuk. Avustreans view it as the main Parizhian city which enables them to keep a grip on Avustrea Kuchuk, and has been a centre for Avustrean attacks.

"We are trying to maximise security in the region," says Ehden Atabeg, the cheif governor of Avustrea Kuchuk. "However, I fear we will have to do more in order to stop it completely. We recommend that people stay out of the city centre as much as possible, unless absolutely necessary. This time we were lucky."

Shehenshah Sayre Astargitis puts the blame on the fanatic theocracy in Avustrea. She claims that Avustrea is providing money and weapons to the terrorist groups and Khejerisht individuals, enabling them to commit these acts.

The acts happened only a few hours after Avustreas new Diovir was crowned. Parizhian authorities say that this new leader, Zantos Antaristos, is sending weapons in bulk to the terrorists.

"Evolution proved," says Parizhian scientists 

Scientists in Steylie claim to have proven the theory of evolution correct by means of their Mikrogheo, which emulates the conditions at the start of the earth, at an advanced pace.

The project started in 1978, and the experiment was built in space, near the moon. At the start, there were only a few compounds present, now, scientists have succeeded in creating a small worm-type creature, casually called the Gheosaap

"This is proof of evolution," claims the lead scientist and project manager, Gulben Sorgan. "If we can turn gases into a worm, what is there to stop God turning a worm into a human?"

The project has angered Avustrea and other Avrupean theocracies, who take the Khejerisht Holy Book, the Vivlos, literally.