Languages of Parizhia

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After the Artakhshandans joined the Illinian league, a new type of phalanx, called the Parizhian phalanx appeared on the battlefield. They were dressed and drilled differently to Illinian phalanxes - being much more heavily armoured.



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Parizhia is not very diverse in terms of languages - there are three main languages spoken, and of course, several others spoken by immigrants. Armavi is the national language of the entire country, whereas Illinian is the official language of the Illinian autonomous region, and Parthavan is the language of Parthava.  On this website, you can find grammar references of these two languages.

The third language may be considered its own language, or may be considered as a dialect of Armavi. It is called Aramcha, and is spoken predominantly in the north-east of Parizhia. It has several differences and similarities with normal Armavi - see its page for those.

Of course, there are other languages spoken by immigrant minorities and other ethnic communities all over Parizhia. The main ones are here.

The two main languages spoken in ancient Parizhia, apart from Armavi, were Artakhshathri and Apparcha. Unfortuanately very few Apparcha texts have survived (bits of the Madawwa-e-Harruniya have, but 1/4 of it has been filled in by scholars speculating), so very little is known about it.

Assurian is not considered as a Parizhian language, but information is given here as it is widely spoken in the south east. Likewise, Avustrean, which is spoken by some in Illinia and Avustrea Kuchuk.