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The Flag of Parizhia, designed in 1932, was used during the Independance Campaing against the Berdijanians. It features the moon and sun of the Artakhshand dynasty, the red background of the Taraqi dynasty, and the white triangles of the Apparzati civilisation.





Parizhia is a concountry created as part of a conworld, Alamanti.  It is, currently, the most well developed of my concountries, and has a working language, history, culture, religion, and literature all associated with it.


Parizhia is based on several different real-world cultures. It mostly draws on a mix of Turkish, Persian, and Greek influences, especially in terms of architecture, language, cuisine etc; however, there are several other influences in its culture. It has a rich history, some of the earliest civilisations known to man, and some of the biggest empires that ever existed. There is a massive diversity in the country itself - in the cities, you can see all types of people walking among the buildings; tall, glass skyscrapers stand high among the majestic marble and sandstone ancient buildings, mountains rise up out of the flat steppe in the east, whereas in the west, mountains covered in trees saturate the landscape.


 The Minar Esüryen is a fine example of Assurian architecture. It was built in Steylia in 954 AI to commemorate the Assurian conquest of Steylia. It towers over the old city's skyline.

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