This seminar is organised by Johannes Boehm, Mathieu Parenti, Lionel Fontagné and Thierry Verdier.

Administrative support: Laurence Vincent (

The Paris Trade Seminar is a common seminar to the:

Paris School of Economics, University Paris 1, INRA and Sciences Po.

This seminar is supported by PSE, INRA, Sciences Po, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and the EUR grant ANR-17-EURE-0001

The seminar takes place since 2010 every two weeks on Tuesday, rotating by semesters between PSE and Sciences Po:

Sciences Po 28 rue des Saints-Pères (Paris) - Room H.405 

PSE, 48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris - Room R2-01

The seminar presents recent works by French and foreign scholars about International trade and its frontiers with other fields. The seminar has become a major meeting point for trade economists in Paris. Consequently it is scheduled to have informal discussions between participants and the speaker at the end of the seminar. 




Tue. 9 December 2014: Nuno LIMAO (Maryland)

Policy Uncertainty, Trade and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for China and the U.S.

Tue. 2 December 2014: Kerem COSAR (Chicago)

Taste Heterogeneity, Trade Costs, and Global Market Outcomes in the Automobile Industry

Tue. 25 November 2014: Priya RANJAN (UC Irvine)

Globalization, Jobs and Welfare: The Roles of Social Protection and Redistribution

Tue. 4 November 2014: Luigi PASCALI (Warwick & Pompeu Fabra)

The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade and Economic Development

Tue. 28 October 2014: Mathieu PARENTI (UCL Core)

Toward a theory of monopolistic competition

Tue. 14 October 2014: Gabriel FELBERMAYR (CESifo) 

Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure

Tue. 30 September 2014: Swati DHINGRA (LSE)

Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity Under Firm Heterogeneity

Tue. 16 September 2014: Christian VOLPE MARTINCUS (IADB)

Transit Trade

Tue. 3 July 2014: Florian MAYNERIS (CORE)

The cleansing effect of minimum wage: Firm-level and aggregate effects of the 2004 reform of minimum wage rules in China

Tue. 17 June 2014: Tibor BESEDES (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)

The Effects of Airspace Closures on Trade in the Aftermath of Eyjafjallajökull

Tue. 3 June 2014: Kristian BEHRENS (UQAM)

Distorted Monopolistic Competition

Tue. 20 May 2014: Emanuel ORNELAS (LSE)

Institutions and Export Dynamics

Tue. 13 May 2014: Frédéric WARZYNSKI (Aarhus)

Offshoring and the Shortening of the Quality Ladder: Evidence from Danish Apparel

Tue. 29 April 2014: Andrew BERNARD (Tuck School of Business, CEPR & NBER)

Two-Sided Heterogeneity and Trade

Tue. 1 April 2014: Swati DHINGRA (LSE)

Contracting and the Division of the Gains from Trade

Tue. 18 March 2014: Peter EGGER (ETH Zurich)

The Causal Impact of Common Native Language on International Trade: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design.

Tue. 4 March 2014: Beata JAVORCIK (University of Oxford and CEPR)

Grin and Bear It : Producer-Financed Exports from an Emerging Market

Tue. 4 February 2014: Pushan DUTT (INSEAD)

The Gravity of Experience

Tue. 14 January 2014: David MARTIMORT (PSE)

Trade, Trade Policy and  Trade Agreements with  Double-Edged Incentives

Tue. 10 December 2013: Giovanni PERI (UC Davis)

Immigrants and Native Workers New Analysis Using Longitudinal Employer-Employee Data

Tue. 03 December 2013: James ANDERSON (Boston College)

Intra-national Trade Costs: Canadian Border Puzzles

Tue. 19 November 2013: Balasz MURAKOZY (CERS-HAS)

Shipment Frequency of Exporters and demand Uncertainty

Tue. 5 November 2013: Volcker NOCKE (Manheim)

Cross-Border Price Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Framework for Competition Policy

Tue. 22 October 2013: Miklos KOREN (Central European University)

Lumpy Trade and the Welfare Effects of Administrative Barriers

Tue. 15 October 2013: Arnaud COSTINOT (MIT)

Optimal Trade Taxes and Comparative Advantage

Tue. 8 October 2013: David ALBOUY (Michigan)

Urban Population and Amenities

Tue. 24 September 2013: Ina SIMONOVSKA (Davis)

Different TradeModels, Different Trade Elasticities

Tue. 9 July 2013: Lorenzo CALIENDO (Yale)

The anatomy of French production hierarchies

Tue. 25 June 2013: Enrico MORETTI (Berkeley)

Local Economic Development, Agglomeration Economies and the Big Push: 100 Years of Evidencefrom the Tennessee Valley Authority

Tue. 11 June 2013: Maria GUADALUPE (INSEAD)

The perfect match: Assortative matching in international acquisitions

Tue. 28 May 2013: Juan-Carlos HALLAK (U. San Andrés)

Survival in Export Markets

Tue. 14 May 2013: Marc MELITZ (Harvard)

Firm Heterogeneity and Aggregate Welfare

Tue. 16 April 2013: Nicholas SLY (U. Oregon)

A Simple Model of Globalization, Schooling and Skill Acquisition

Tue. 02 April 2013: David HEMOUS (INSEAD)

Trade Dynamics with Sector-Specific Human Capital

Tue. 26 March 2013: Hartmut EGGER (Bayreuth)

Offshoring Domestic Jobs

Tue. 05 February 2013: Giovanni FACCHINI (Nottingham)

Export growth and firm survival

Tue. 29 January 2013: Hillel RAPOPORT (Bar Ilan)

Birth Place Diversity and Economic Prosperity

Tue. 27 November 2012: Daniel STURM (LSE)

The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall

Tue. 13 November 2012: Vanessa STRAUSS-KAHN (ESCP, Paris)

Export Dynamics: Raising Export survival through Experience

Tue. 23 October 2012: Christopher MEISSNER (U. of California, Davis)

Market Potential and Economic Performance in the Early 20th Century

Tue. 9 October 2012: Gabriel FELBERMAYR (LMU, Munich)

New trade Models, Same Old Optimal Policies?

Tue. 25 September 2012: James HARRIGAN (U. of Virginia)

Export Prices of US Firms

Tue. 26 June 2012: Giordano MION (LSE)

Manager's Mobility, Trade Status and Wages

Tue. 19 June 2012: Frédéric ROBERT-NICOUD (Genève)

Productive Cities: Sorting, Selection and Agglomeration

Tue. 12 June 2012: Eduardo MORALES (Columbia)

Gravity and Extended Gravity: Estimating a Structural Model of Export Entry

Tue. 5 June 2012 : Frabrizio ZILIBOTTI (Zurich)

Offshoring and Directed Technical Change

Mon. 4 June 2012 : Michael ROBERTS (North-Carolina State U.)

Commodity Price Adjustment in a Competitive Storage Model with an Application to the Biofuel Mandate

Tue. 29 May 2012: Amit KHANDELWAL (Columbia)

Prices, Markups and Trade Reform

Tue. 15 May 2012: Enrique MENDOZA (Maryland)

Macro-prudential Policy in a Fisherian Model of Financial Innovation

Tue. 22 May 2012: Gianmarco OTTAVIANO (LSE)

Agglomeration, trade and Selection

Thurs. 3 May 2012: Scott TAYLOR (Calgary)

Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies

Tue. 10 April 2012: Jean-Marie GRETHER (Neuchatel)

Measuring the Pollution Terms of Trade with Technique Effects

Tue. 3 April 2012: Marcello OLARREAGA (Genève) 

There goes gravity: How eBay reduces trade costs

Tue. 27 March 2012: Gene GROSSMAN (Princeton)

A Linder Hypothesis for Foreign Direct Investment

Tue. 20 March 2012: Linda TESAR (Michigan)

The Impact of Foreign Liabilities on Small Firms: Firm-Level Evidence from the Korean Crisis

Thursd. 15 March 2012: Andrei LEVCHENKO (Michigan)

The Evolution of Comparative Advantage: Measurement and Welfare Implications

Tue. 6 March 2012: Ralph OSSA (Chicago)

Trade Wars and Trade Talks with Data

Tue. 7 February 2012: Gabor BEKES (HAS)

Temporary trade and heterogeneous firms

Tue. 31 January 2012: Paolo EPIFANI (Bocconi)

Productivity, Quality and Export Behavior

Tue. 17 January 2012: Farid TOUBAL (PSE)

Native Language, Spoken Language, Translation and Trade

Tue.10 January 2012: Olivier CADOT (Lausanne)

An Evaluation of Tunisia's Export Promotion Program

Tue. 13 Dec 2011: Jonatan EATON (Penn State)

An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence from French Firms

Tue. 6 Dec 2011: John ROMALIS (Chicago)

International Prices and Endogenous Quality

Tue. 29 Nov 2011: Holger GORG (Kiel)

Offshoring, Tasks and the Skill Wage Premium

Tue. 22 Nov 2011: Dennis NOVY (Warwick)

International Trade without CES: Estimating Translog Gravity

Tue. 15 Nov 2011: Peter EGGER (Zurich)

Trade Preferences and Bilateral Trade in Goods and Services: A Structural Approach

Tue. 8 Nov 2011: Jacques THISSE (CORE)

Monopolistic competition in general equilibrium: Beyond the CES

Thursd. 3 Nov 2011: Tito BOERI (Bocconi)

Moving to Segregation: Evidence from 8 Italian Cities

Tue. 25 Oct 2011: James MARKUSEN (Boulder)

Putting per-capita income back into trade theory

Mon. 24 Oct 2011: Katheryn NILES RUSS (UC Davis)

Understanding Markups in the Open Economy under Bertrand Competition

Tue. 4 Oct 2011: James ANDERSON (Boston College)

Terms of Trade and Global Efficiency Effects of Free Trade Agreements, 1990-2002

Tue. 21 June 2011: Ronald DAVIES (UC Dublin) 

Royale with Cheese: The Effect of Globalization on the Variety of Goods

Tue. 14 June 2011: Anna-Maria MAYDA (Georgetown U.)

Protection for Free? The Political Economy of U.S. Tariff Suspensions

Tue. 31 May 2011: Thomas CHANEY (Chicago)

The Network Structure of International Trade

Tue. 24 May 2011: Edwin LAI (Hong Kong UST)

A Model of trade with Ricardian Comparative Advantage and Intra-Sectoral Firm Heterogeneity

Mon. 23 May 2011: Scott BAIER (Clemson U.)

Gravity, Economic Geography and Income Innovations

Tue. 17 May 2011: Arnaud COSTINOT (MIT)

Vertical Specialization and the Interdependence of Nations

Tue. 5 Apr 2011: Marc MELITZ (Harvard)

Trade Liberalization and Firm Dynamics

Tue. 29 March 2011: Daniel LEDERMAN (World bank)

Exports, Export Destinations, and Skills

Tue. 8 March 2011: Farid TOUBAL (U. of Angers, France)

Productivity, Relationship-Specific Inputs and the Sourcing Modes of Multinational Firms

Tue. 1 March 2011: Anne-Célia DISDIER (INRA, Paris)

North-South Standards Harmonization and International Trade

Tue. 22 February 2011: Kalina MANOVA (Stanford)

Firm Exports and Multinational Activity under Credit Constraints

Tue. 8 February 2011: Carsten ECKEL (LMU, Munich)

International Trade and Retailing

Tue. 30 November 2010: Ariell RESHEF (U. of Virginia)

Skill biased heterogeneous firms: trade liberalization and the skill premium redux

Tue. 23 Nov 2010: Hillel ROPOPORT (Bar Ilan U.)

Tradable immigration quotas

Tue. 16 November 2010: Linda GOLDBERG (FRBNY)

Micro, Macro and Strategic Forces in Invoicing International Trade

Tue. 2 November 2010: Peter NEARY (Oxford)

Firm Selection into Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment

Tue. 19 October 2010: Peter SCHOTT (Yale)

Misallocation of Quota Licenses: Evidence from Chinese Textile and Apparel Exporters

Tue. 12 October 2010: Giammario IMPULLITTI (Cambridge)

Trade, Firm Selection, and Innovation: the Competition Channel

Tue. 28 September 2010: George ALLESSANDRIA (FRB Philadelphia)

Establishment Heterogeneity, Exporter Dynamics, and the Effects of Trade Liberalization

Tue. 1 February 2010: Julian Di GIOVANNI (IMF)

Country Size, International Trade and Aggregate Fluctuations in Granular Economy