Sign the Gender Summit Policy Manifesto

This Manifesto represents views of individuals working in the European science system on the actions needed to enhance research and innovation by addressing gender equality issues. 

Each action distils the collective responses to questions asked in the online public consultation conducted by genSET in conjunction with the 1st European Gender Summit. As such, it complements the consensus recommendations of: a) the genSET Science Leaders Panel1, b) the DG Research, Innovation and Science Expert Group on Structural Change in Research Institutions2, and c) the Gendered Innovations project3. 

The Manifesto elaborates the question included in the earlier EC public consultation on the Green Paper - “What actions should be taken at EU level to further strengthen the role of women in science and innovation?” - in order to focus attention on twenty-five years of research demonstrating how gender impacts the quality of research and innovation.

Over 300 individuals participated in the online consultation. These contributions were presented and discussed at the First European Gender Summit in Brussels, attended by over 400 stakeholders. 

This Manifesto is a work in progress to be advanced through evidence based actions and cooperation between scientists, policy makers and gender research scholars.

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