The Commission on Women and Gender Studies of the DHST was founded in 1981 by the General Assembly of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science.
The aim of the Commission is to promote communication among scholars working on women’s history in science, technology and medicine and also to foster research on the relation of gender and science, technology, and medicine. More on the history of the Commission here.

One of the Commission’s tasks is to hold meetings between Congresses of the IUHPS/DHST and to form symposia at subsequent International Congresses.

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Invitation to the 2nd European Gender Summit

2nd European Gender Summit, 29-30 Nov 2012, Brussels
Register before 7 September for Early Bird rate
The European Gender Summit brings together prominent researchers, science leaders, industry experts and policy makers from the fields of research and innovation. Through exchange of knowledge and best practice, the Summit promotes evidence-based strategies for integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation for better and more effective results.
The second European Gender Summit will focus on aligning the agendas of stakeholders in the European Research Area and Innovation Union. Its key outcome will be the development of a European Gender Equality Standard. Building on the success of the first Gender Summit and the Manifesto for Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation, this edition will continue using collaborative consultation processes for integrative policy development.
The European Gender Summit is hosted by the European Parliament through the generous support of a group of MEPs and features high-level contributions from leading institutions in research and innovation.

Conferences / Call for abstracts 

Second European Advanced Seminar in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences.
Topic: In Vivo, ex Vivo, in Vitro, in Silico: Models in the Life Sciences
Geneva, Switzerland, September 10–14, 2012

The Commission invites you to sign the European Gender Summit - Policy Manifesto

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