Reed-Stem Epidendrum Orchids


 Picture taken at 'Orchids at The Flower Fields' Spring 2008

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   Information on Reed-Stem Epidendrums

Reed-stem epidendrums are easy to grow and are best grown outdoors. They need an abundance of sun and must be kept watered and fed. However, don't let the foliage turn bright red and burn from too much sun. Also, they should not be kept outdoors in temperatures below freezing. When grown in containers, they can easily be moved indoors during cold periods. They will bloom all year if fed properly, which would be at least once with every other watering. Once the flowers have faded, cut back the stems to a node or two from the bottom of the reed-stem. Epidendrums are best grown in fine to medium fir bark with perlite added for drainage. Epidendrum means "growing upon a tree". For an excellent published article on these unique orchids, click on this link below to learn more about reed-stem epidendrums orchids:


*Here are some nurseries that offer reed-stem epidendrums for sale:

Andy's Orchids


Santa Barbara Orchid Estate


*Also, to see my on-line published article 'Tiny-Feathered Friends of Reed-Stem Epidendrums', click on the following American Orchid Society (AOS) Web site link , then click on July 2009 Preview. This story I wrote is about Anna's hummingbirds, our resident hummingbird found in Southern California, and reed-stem epidendrums that I grow (Epidendrum secundum). This story is also mentioned in the president's message as found in the February issue of Orchids, the monthly magazine and official publication of the AOS.



*Close up of reed-stem epidendrum


Male Anna's hummingbird in reed-stem epidendrum


*Colorful reed-stem epidendrums grown by CalOrchid


Female Anna's hummingbird in reed-stem epidendrum



Male Anna's hummingbird in reed-stem epidendrum


Reed-stem epidendrum orchids



Male Anna's hummingbird in reed-stem epidendrum


Anna's hummingbird in reed-stem epidendrum


Lauris Rose from CalOrchid with her reed-stem epidendrums for sale