Male Anna's hummingbird in Aloe arborensis


           Information on Hummingbirds

In order to attract hummingbirds, you will need to provide 3 things: Hummingbird feeders, nectar plants, and a small, shallow trickling water source or bird bath. Hummingbird feeders come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. The main thing to do is to provide fresh nectar for the hummingbirds by mixing one part sugar to 4 parts water. Clean the feeders weekly, and change the nectar once or twice a week as well. Try not to use any products that have red dye or red food coloring, as this may be harmful to the hummingbirds. Nectar plants can be found at your local nursery that hummingbirds will enjoy. Some of them include: aloe, begonia, cardinal flower, columbine, dahlia, geranium, fuschia, honeysuckle, sage, penstemon, paintbrush, and verbena. A small birdbath or trickling water source will help during the hot spells by giving them a place to bathe. play, and drink. To learn more about hummingbirds, try these web sites: or



Male Anna's Hummingbird in Reed-Stem Epidendrum


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Reed-Stem Epidendrums


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reed-stem epidendrums



Floral hummingbird at a flower and garden show





        Recommended Hummingbird Books


'A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America' by Sheri L. Williamson (Peterson Field Guides)


'The Hummingbird Book ' by Donald and Lillian Stokes (Little,Brown)


'Hummingbird Gardens; Attracting Nature's Jewels to Your Backyard' by Nancy L. Newfield and Barbara Nielson (Houghton Mifflin Co.)


'Frequently Asked Questions About Hummingbirds' by Rose Houk (Western National Parks Association)


              Hummingbird Feeders


                        Droll Yankee


                         Aspects, Inc.


                             Perky Pet


           Nectar or Hummingbird Food 

                   Perky Pet Hummingbird Nectar



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 Allen's Hummingbird



Anna's Hummingbird