Paris Merriam Photography

Specializing in Nature, Music, & Gardening



Photographer: Paris Merriam


Paris Merriam relaxing at Lake Tahoe

(in his younger years!) 


B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz Environmental Studies, 1981


Camera Equipment:

Canon Z-135

Canon AE-1  




Fujicolor Seperia X-TRA


 Published Articles

      American Orchid Society Magazine  


April 2004 Fascination of Orchids Centerpiece (picture only)

April 2005 'Fascination of Orchids'

July 2005 'A Celebration of Orchids'

January 2006 '11th Annual San Diego International Orchid Fair' 

June 2006 '2006 Fascination of Orchids'

July 2006 'Orchids at Sherman Library and Gardens'

November 2006 'Behind The Mystique'

February 2007 'Roger's Gardens'

December 2007  'A Society Celebrates 50 Years'

June 2008  'Orchids at The Flower Fields'

September 2009 'Orchids in Arcadia'


       American Rose Society Magazine

                  American Rose

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April 2003 'Clean and Green' 

May 2005 'Grow Wherever You Go'


African Violet Society of America Magazine

                 African Violet

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January/February 2004 'The Journey for Tally Time Winners'


Published Articles on the Internet:


February 2009 'Tiny Feathered Friends of Reed-Stem Epidendrums'.

To see this story about hummingbirds and orchids, go to the official American Orchid Society web site at and click on July 2009 Preview.

July 2005 'A Celebration of Orchids; 60 Years of The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show'.

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go to Show News, click on Articles, click below picture to download PDF file, when picture appears, scroll down and you will see my feature article.


Past President:

Rose Society of Saddleback Mountain

web site


Photo Contest Winner:

Woodbridge Village Association 1st Annual Photography Contest.

Landscape 'Spring at Crestbrook Park'


Certified Naturalist:

Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and Nature Preserve.