E. H. Humphries

Edward H. Humphries was the son of George Humphries, of Newtown, Bonavista Bay. He recieved his early education at Newtown. He became a Schoolmaster and Lay Reader. He went to St. Boniface College, Warminster, UK, in 1911. He was priested in 1915. 

On Oct 25, 1916, he married May L. Green of Newtown. May was a teacher, and the daughter of Charles Green. Reverend E. H. Humphries was residing at Tack’s Beach, P.B. Both were 29 when they were married by the Rev'd. T. W. Upward.

Reverend Humphries served:

Mission of Salvage, NL 1918-1923.

St. Paul’s at St. Felix de Kuigsey, QC

St. Paul’s Marbleton, QC

Church of the Advent, East Sherbrooke QC

St. Stephen’s, Grand Mere, QC 1935-1952.

He suffered from rheumatism, and in a letter to Bishop White dated 1923 January 23, he writes, "Dr. Macdonald told me last week that he though it advisable for me to give up a water mission for a few years at least."

The website "Interment.net", as of May 2015, posted the following:

Humphries, Lilian May, b. 19 Jun 1887, d. 23 Dec 1926

Humphries, Rev. E.H., b. 25 Jan 1887, d. 6 Jan 1958