David Walker Blackall - Rector (1901-1902)

David Walker Blackall, was born in Middlebough, Yorkshire, England, December 26, 1864. His father was the Reverend Thomas Blackall (1839 Mar 17 - 1897 Nov 11), his mother, Horatia Hepburn Elizabeth Bell Walker (1839 Nov 2 - ) was the daughter of the Scottish poet, David Walker.
David Walker Blackall was a teacher in England, and moved to Newfoundland in 1893 where he taught at the Church of England College, St. John's. While at St. John's, he attended Queen's College and was ordained a deacon 1896.
He married Minnie Louise Spence (1876 Oct 9 - 1943 Apr 19) of Harbour Grace on November 11, 1899. Their son, Arthur Kitchener Blackall, was a signal man in World War II,  who died 1942 Nov 17.
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His brother, Dr. William Walker Blackall, was the headmaster at Bishop Feild College, St. John's. Dr. W. W. Blackall also composed the music for "Newfoundland Isle of the Free," while D.W. Blackall wrote the lyrics.
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He died October 13, 1944 in St Stephen Parish, Charlotte Co., NB.