Journal of the Hawk - Church-Ship

A Journal of the Bishop’s Visitation of the Missions of the Northern Coast,
In the Summer of 1846.
[By Bishop Edward Feild]

London: The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, November, 1846.

Wednesday, July 22d.—Service commenced at ten o'clock, and after the confirmation the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered to twenty-eight communicants. The Bishop had intended to leave this afternoon for Salvage, but the weather became thick, and the wind ahead, and his departure was necessarily deferred, and happy was the disappointment, for during the night several boats arrived with candidates for confirmation, who had been unable to come before. The Bishop therefore consented to hold a second confirmation on Thursday, July 23, and thirteen young men had the privilege of receiving the Bishop's blessing and laying on of hands. The church was fully attended at each service. At noon the Church-ship got under way, and was saluted by repeated discharges of guns, and an old cannon, brought into requisition on this occasion after lying by for many years. They anchored for the night in Barrow Harbour. At seven o'clock on Friday morning, the Bishop started in an open boat for the harbour of Salvage, which was not thought commodious for the Church-ship. Several of the inhabitants of Barrow Harbour, and candidates for confirmation, went in the same boat. A salute was fired when the party landed at Salvage. The service commenced in the church soon after nine o'clock, and was well attended, though unfortunately many of the young men were absent at their fishing-grounds, or had gone across the bay. Thirty-five were confirmed. After the service the Bishop examined the children of the Newfoundland school, who are carefully instructed by Mr. Baggs. This young man also officiates as lay-reader in the absence of the Missionary (the Rev. B. Smith) who can of course only visit them occasionally and rarely. The distance from King's Cove is fifteen miles. In this mission are three churches, and six other stations at which the Missionary occasionally performs divine service and the other offices of the church.

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