Easter with Acts

Questions to consider as we listen to the Acts of the Apostles' throughout Easter.

Easter Sunday

Acts 10:34-43

Think:When do you call together your friends and relatives, like Cornelius did?
Consider:How do you greet others?
Meditate:How do I “fear him [God] and do what is right”?

2nd Sunday of Easter

Acts 5:27-32

Think:When did you last receive “strict orders”?
Consider:How does the Church witness to Christ's death and resurrection?
Meditate:How do you exalt the Prince of Peace?

3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 9:1-6 (7-20)

Think:What was the longest you fasted? 3 days?
Consider:How might Saul have felt when confronted by the Lord?
Meditate:When were you first aware of the Lord? How did that awareness affect you?

4th Sunday of Easter

Acts 9:36-43

Think:What stirs you in your daily tasks?
Consider:What miracles of Jesus are you reminded?
Meditate:What has God raised up within you?

5th Sunday of Easter

Acts 11:1-18

Think:What group do you stick with?
Consider:How does Peter's attitude differ from 11.2 and 11.8?
Meditate:How does the Church treat the “unclean” today?

6th Sunday of Easter

Acts 16:9-15

Think:Where do you buy most of your clothes?
Consider:Where is your place of prayer?
Meditate:How has God opened my heart?

Ascension of the Lord

Acts 1:1-11

Think:Who would you ask to write your biography?
Consider:How do Jesus words and departure impact you?
Meditate:Do I wait for the Holy Spirit?

7th Sunday of Easter

Acts 16:16-34

Think:What music soothes your being?
Consider:What do you say to God when you are ill treated, as Paul and Silas were?
Meditate:If one asks you what they must do to be saved, what would you say?

The Day of Pentecost

Acts 2:1-21

Think:What languages do you understand?
Consider:What attracted the pilgrims to the disciples?
Meditate:When were you last aware of the power of God in your own life?

Easter Sunday

2nd of Easter

3rd of Easter

4th of Easter

5th of Easter

6th of Easter


7th of Easter