Moreton, Rev’d. John (1822-1859)

Rev’d. John Moreton is the brother of the Rev’d. Julian Moreton, and their parents were Henry and Caroline Moreton, London, England.

John Moreton married Ann Elizabeth Hunt. A daughter Emily McKenzie Moreton was born to them in 1855, she died 1856 January 6, age 5 months.

As Chairman of the local School Board, John Moreton kept copies of letters he wrote regarding the schools within the parochial bounds of the Parish of King’s Cove, Newfoundland. Some of these letters have been preserved.

John Moreton died in 1859 according to two entries. But one has the age at 37 years, while the other has 55 years of age. One note states that he was “Six years pastor of this flock.”

Rev’d. William Kirby followed as Missionary/Rector after the death of John Moreton.