Clergy of Bonavista Bay

Amor, Rev'd. Lawrence, — Greenspond (1888-1892) Diocesan Magazine Sept. 1891

Antle, Rev'd. John, — Pinchard’s Island (1892-1896) Diocesan Magazine Sept. 1891

Blackhall, Rev'd. David Walker — Greenspond () Harbour Grace South ()

Bayly, Rev'd. A. E. C. (Augustus Edwin Cawley) — Bonavista (1860-) Archdeacon

Bugden, Rev'd. Walter — Greenspond ()

Dawson, Rev'd. S. A. — Greenspond (1898-1906) Or Pinchard's Island

Earle, Rev'd. Henry — Greenspond (1906-)

Gabriel, Rev'd. Edmund B. — Greenspond (1925-1932)

Hiscock, Rev'd, John Thomas — Greenspond (...1913-1925)

Horner, Rev'd. David — Greenspond (1888)

How, Rev'd, — Greenspond (1881-1885)

Humphries, Rev'd, E.H. — Salvage (1918-1923)

Rev'd. E. H. Humphries was born at Newtown, where he served as Schoolmaster and Lay Reader, after which he went to St. Boniface College, UK.

Maley, Rev'd. E. A. — Greenspond (...1896...)

Moreton, Julian — Greenspond (1849-1860)

Norris, Baxter — New York State. He was born at Newtown, and taught at least one year at Badger's Quay. He married Helen Climenson, their son Richard was also an Episcopal priest. The Rev'd Baxter Norris served at St. Andrew by-the-Sea, Rockaway Beach; Trinity Episcopal, Long Island; and probably others congregations.

Pearce, Rev'd. David M. — Greenspond (1966)

Read, Rev'd. Horatio — Greenspond

Taylor, Rev'd. Joseph W., — Greenspond (1942-)

Torraville, Rev'd. Harvey — Greenspond (1946-1952)

Upward, Rev'd, T.W., — Greenspond (...1903...)
Upward, Rev'd, T.W., New Harbour, T. Bay (...1912...)
Upward, Rev'd, T.W., Catalina (1923-1926)

Wells, Rev'd. Warwick — Greenspond (1933-1941/42)

Weary, Edwin, Rev'd, — Greenspond (1885-1889)

Parish of Salvage

Tarrant, Rev. E. S. — St. Anthony (1915-...)