Church of the Resurrection - Sandringham

Consecration Service for the Church of the Resurrection, Sandringham - 1963

Rebecca Brown

Sandringham was ready to welcome the new settlers in 1940. From the moment they moved in and had realized their dream was real, one of the earliest hopes they entertained was to have their own church where they could congregate and worship.

Many of the residents who had resettled from the different bays came with aspirations of their new lives and also memories of what they left behind, especially some of their beautiful and familiar church buildings. As was the custom in Newfoundland, we always felt that the church was the heart of the village and everything else revolved around it. So Sandringham being no different, looked forward to the dream becoming a reality.

After a few years of attending Holy Innocents School Chapel, their incessant longing for a new place of worship got the better of the parishioners and they decided to start planning their new structure. Cooperation and courage played a big part. Then the determination and hard work paid off. After a few local concerts and other fundraisers, it was well underway. The people worked well together and finally a building was erected, measuring 78 feet long and 28 feet wide. Seating capacity was estimated at about 180, but many special services held in later years had conveniently rendered space for over 200 or more people. The overall cost was $30,000.00, including one-third cash and the remainder being gifts in kind. However, the largest contribution of all was voluntary labor, accounting for an overall debt-free enterprise.

So, on a pleasant Sunday morning on May 19th, 1963, the Consecration took place and Church of the Resurrection was born. On that special day of official opening, people, including different choirs, came from outside districts and filled this new place of worship to overflowing, as they helped to celebrate this joyous occasion with the new congregation.

Participants at the Consecration Service were as follows:

Rev. L. C. Rees (Rector)

Rev. J. A. Meaden (Lord Bishop of Newfoundland)

Rev. E. R. Kearley (Gambo)

Rev. J. Moss (Gander)

Rev. A. Torraville (Port Blandford)

Rev. Bruce Sweetland (Grand Falls-Windsor)

Mr. Reginald Samson (Cross Bearer)

Mr. Gerald Brown (Presented Petition for Consecration)

Mrs. Rebecca Brown (Organist)

The 25th Anniversary services and banquet were held at the Church of the Resurrection and its adjoining Parish Hall in May 1988. Despite out-migration and the failing fishery, our church has continued on.