Burnside St Alban's

Consecrated 1950 October 8

Feast Day - June 22

St Alban's ACW Christmas Tree Lights Dedication 2013

Shirley Oldford

Burnside's early families built their first school chapel in 1898, then rebuilt it when, in 1912, a forest fire consumed much of the community. In the early 30s, at the height of the depression, they decided to build a church.

Two schooners full of Burnside men went to Gooseberry Islands, dismantled St. Alban's, a small church no longer in use, and salvaged a portion of the building materials needed for their new building. The Bible from Gooseberry Island church sits on the lectern at St. Alban's, Burnside to this day.

The corner stone was laid on April 23, 1934; Rev. A. Sheppard officiating. Deacon J. W. Young held the first service in the new church, which was built completely by free labour, on April 3, 1938. The Font, Cross, Candlesticks, and Chandeliers were brought from the school chapel, which was then dismantled and used in the church tower.

Grand Falls architect, Tom Brown donated the plans, which were reduced to better suit Burnside's needs. The perfectly proportioned result, seating 200, commands attention from land and sea. Each set of pilasters frames one window where St. George's, Gambo, built on the original plans, has two.

Bishop Abraham consecrated St. Alban's on October 8, 1950, during Rev. T. E. Smith's term as rector. For a week prior, Rev. H. W. Facey, Diocesan Missioner; held services twice daily for the preparation of the Congregation to offer themselves, with their Church, to the Glory of God.

Many groups and individuals have contributed to St. Alban's. In particular, the Church of England Women's Association furnished the Sanctuary, and the Orangemen donated the Pulpit. The congregation has kept the tradition of free labour alive, and when that has been insufficient to achieve their goals they have been creative in finding other ways. In the 60's, mussel supers raised money for a furnace. In the 80s, an appeal to the St. Alban's alumni generated funds for siding.