Anglican Parish of Salvage

By Water and The Word — we proclaim Christ, crucified, resurrected, ascended — upon the Rock.

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Salvage, which comprises of five congregations serving the seven communities of the Eastport Peninsula on the Road to the Beaches. Two of the churches are over a hundred years old. All the structures are frame construction and were built by local tradesmen. Today these places of worship are maintained as a labour of love, by the women and men of the parish, allowing all who enter to bask in the glory of God within these sanctuaries.

The Reverend Juanita Freeman is the present Rector of the Parish.

The Parish of Salvage is one of thirty-two parishes that make up the Diocese of Central Newfoundland , and one of five that comprises of the Deanery of Bonavista North (Parish of Gambo, Parish of Greenspond, Parish of Indian Bay, Parish of Badger's Quay-Pool's Island, Parish of Salvage). Our Cathedral is Saint Martin's, Gander.

There are three Dioceses in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador: the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador ; the Diocese of Central Newfoundland ; and the Diocese of Western Newfoundland.Queen's College offers programs for both lay and clergy.

For information that reaches beyond the province visit Anglicans Online and the Anglican Church of Canada. In response to world needs you may find information available at PWRDF. Parishioners, and all visitors are encouraged to contribute through PWRDF, or another relief organization, in response to the needs of others around the world. For resources on prayer see the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer.

In 1862 Salvage became the headquarters of a mission that included Broomclose, Barrow Harbour, Little Harbour, Sailor's Island, Flat Island, Gooseberry lslands and Bloody Bay (Angle Brook-Glovertown). Later came the settlements of Salvage Bay (Eastport), Happy Adventure, Sandy Cove, Menchions Cove (in Terra Nova National Park ), Damnable (St. Chad's), Squid Tickle and Hollett's Tickle (Burnside). The earliest Parish registers date from 1844 and since that time a number of clergy have served the Parish.

The communities of Gooseberry Islands, St Alban's , and Flat Island, St Nicholas, have resettled to various other places. Their residents may have long since moved elsewhere, but they are not forgotten. And part of their history and story is at the above links.