What customers are saying:

Diane, We would like to thank you again for an absolutely amazing experience on our market tour and cooking class. Rick really enjoyed it and Evan and I reaped the benefit of a truly amazing and fresh meal. Thank for both for being so sweet about Evan joining us. I know its harder to cater to a family. Please don't hesitate to use our comments for your reviews!

Sincerely, Loren Rick and Evan

29-April-2012 Market tour-cooking lesson-lunch – Family of 3

Dear Diane,  We just wanted to say thank you once again for the wonderful wedding cake! Everyone really enjoyed it! It was delicious...and beautiful!  We want to send you photos, but as of now we still don't have the photos from the wedding.  You made a really special day even better, I still don't know what I would have done with out you.

Anne and Julien – Bride & Groom


WONDERFUL LUNCH TODAY!!!   Our group loved it!

Thank you Diane!

Pam and gang

Owner, Tuscany Tours

18-April-2012 Private Lunch for 12 people

Diane, thank you for the wrap-up and recipes.  We are finally back on MN time, and enjoying our photos of the trip, and memories of life in France!  What an experience!  We enjoyed it all, and particularly the day we spent with you.  You are easy to work with, fun to be around, mindful of pricing, and possess great culinary skills!  Thanks, again, for everything.  Should we venture that way again, we will contact you for another experience in your kitchen!  Merci beaucoup!
Ann and John
21-Sept-2011 Market Tour-Cooking Lesson-Lunch for 2

Bill and I wanted to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. We really enjoyed meeting you and we learned a lot as well, both about the markets and in the kitchen. No more fear of artichokes!  As it was effectively Bill's first trip to Paris, he found it a great way to be introduced to local markets and produce. And thanks for letting me try out my French, and then bailing me out as required!  We look forward to trying out your recipes when we get back home.
Anne & Bill
16-Sept-2011 Market Tour-Cooking Lesson-Lunch for 2

Hi Diane – Thank you so much for the wonderful cooking class - we loved it!  I am looking forward to making your sauces at my house – they were absolutely delicious and we picked up your special spice on our way back to the metro.  I would love to add a testimonial to your website so please let me know when you have it ready and I will also LIKE you on facebook.  I would LOVE you, but there is no button for that!
22-Aug-2011 Private Cooking Lesson & Lunch for 3

And again, Dear Diane, the Mexican dinner last Wednesday was FABULOUS...FABULOUS...FABULOUS…
Fun working with you. Looking forward to getting more dinners on our calendars.
17-August-2011 Private Dinner for 6

Dear Diane, Well, I've been meaning to write you all week to say THANK YOU to both you and Eric for your amazing work last Friday. What a day, right? I can honestly say that I would NOT have made it to the end without your calm demeanor and cool professionalism to back me up- I didn't doubt your talent in the kitchen, of course, but in addition to that, it was a real pleasure to work with you. I hope to do it again sometime soon (although, preferably at an indoor location). All my best, and until next time!

Sincerely, Kim (Wedding Planner)
22-June-2011 Wedding for 60

Thank you for a great dinner. We had a great time. Paris was great this time and I really got to enjoy it. Thanks again you will be recommended.

6-June-2011 Private Dinner for 6

Dear Diane, We are back home now and reflecting on such a lovely time spent in Paris. It was an exceptional day spent with you and your husband! The market tour was so fun, and your apartment (kitchen included) is beautiful! We all so enjoyed our day...you could tell by how tired we were when we got back to our apt!

Thank you again for your generous hospitality, and expertise! I will be telling my traveling friends to look you up if ever they are in Paris!

Jenn, Mark, and Brenna
27-May-2011 Private Market Tour for 3

Hi Diane, Thank you for everything! All of us had so much fun...even the two that can't cook! We really do plan on trying to make the desserts ourselves! Thanks again.

20-May-2011 Pastry Lesson with Champagne – Group of 4

Dear Diane, I guess there's a rule of thumb in the catering business that if you don't hear from the client, then everything was ok. If you DO hear from him, then it's usually a complaint. Which is my way of saying that everything you made last Friday (one week already!) was great and I apologize for not writing/calling sooner.

Thanks again so much for your high quality coupled with sweet attitude. Always a pleasure.

Fondly, Grace

13-May-2011 Catering Order, Delivered

Hi Diane, We cannot tell you how much fun we had last Thursday with you. It was just delightful and probably one of our best days. Thanks for the dinner referrals. I am ordering my Madeleine pans and am going to try them on my own. We look forward to trying the rhubarb and fish soon. Thanks again!

Mary Ellen
25-Apr-2011 Private Market Tour for 5

Thank you so much for the recipes! You are amazing at what you do! What a lovely talent. Again, you made our evening with everything you did amazing. The dinner was wonderful and your energy wonderful. Next time we are in Paris we will be sure to look you up...

13-Feb-2011 Private Group Cooking Lesson with Dinner , Group of 6

We wanted to thank you so much for a fantastic dinner- the food was superb, and we're all still talking about it!! Thank you for being so patient and ready to reply to all the emails.

10-Jan-2011 Private Dinner for 6

Diane, Christine will go in to more detail than me, but only because I don't have words for your food other than incredible,...

Really, everything was special and great... Very well done... Thanks for a great evening, the main event of which was your food...
09-Jan-2011 Catering Order for 17 people, Delivered

I celebrated my 50th birthday with 5 other girlfriends - La Grande Dame was the Perfect apartment!! Where else in Paris could you find 3 bedrooms with 3 full bathrooms and a view of the Eiffel Tower to die for!!...

We also had a very memorable day of cooking with Diane Anthonissen recommended by Paris Perfect. It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn some classic French cooking - whatever their skill level!
19-Nov-2010 Market Tour, excerpted from a customer review of a Paris Perfect Apartments

Thank you Diane! We had a wonderful time last evening! The meal was fabulous and it was so very nice to sit in a relaxed environment, enjoy our meal with wonderful wine and conversation! We will never forget it. You have made a memory!

18-Oct-2010, Private Dinner for 5

Hi Diane,  Thank you so much for the best day.  You are so willing to share your special talent with food and wine and we felt so welcomed into your home.  It is a day we will not forget, a unique experience and one that we will think of often when we are preparing the dishes at home for friends and family. We shall tell others about it and will definitely stay in touch.
best wishes,   Jenny and Alec 

20-August-2010, Private Market Tour for 2

Diane, Last night was so lovely -- thank you so much. It was an incredibly memorable evening for us, and the food was outstanding. I really appreciate all that you did -- including dealing with such a challenging kitchen! Again, many many thanks.

25-Apr-2010, Private Dinner for 8

I have to tell you, Diane's macarons are heaven. And I don't even have a sweet tooth. But the chewy texture, flavor, and the absence of cloying sweetness…is amazing! I especially loved the pistachio one. To die for!

21-April-2010, Guest from Rendez-Vous Dimanche Event, 25 guests

Dear Diane, People had a great time last night and thanks to you, I DID TOO!!! Thanks ever so much again.

10-Apr-2010, On-Site Catering for a 20 person cocktail

Dear Diane, Thank you for the wonderful cooking class and market tour.  I had a lovely time and cannot wait to try my Béarnaise sauce.  Thank you again for sharing your expertise and your beautiful home. 
Sincerely, Pam (who sent a beautiful handwritten card)
20-Apr-2010, Private market tour-lesson-lunch, group of 3 

Bravo for a wonderful evening. The setting, dinner by Diane, their hospitality, Alan's incredibly interesting talk and the interesting attendees made for a special night. Great job!

19-Apr-2010, Guest at Rendez-Vous Dimanche Event

The party was a huge success...many thanks for the great food and service.

9-Dec-2009, On-Site Catering for a group of 60 people

Hi Diane! Thank you so much for leading such a fabulous class this afternoon. I've sampled everything since I've been back in my apartment, and it was delicious! All of it.

22-Nov-2009, Pastry Lesson, group of 6

Dear Diane and Eric,  No dining experience I have had in the past several years surpasses the superb dinner I enjoyed in your beautiful home with its lovely Hausmanian proportions.  Thank you both for your attentive, generous, and above all effervescent hospitality.  Every course was a work of art and indescribably delicious.  Yummm factor a 10+.  The presentation...parfait!  I wish you both continued prosperity and happiness with your new life directions and admire you for your creativity and courage in these ever-changing times.
24-May-2008, Private dinner for 9 with a Paris by Design group