I believe
in the thought that “naturally fresh ingredients treated with respect produce naturally good food”. The key words are natural and respect. I use only market-fresh, seasonal ingredients in my kitchen. I much prefer to peel carrots, de-bone a fish and make fresh stocks, than to buy ready-made. In short, “from scratch” is abundantly important and fundamental to me. This takes more time to prepare, but the results are worth it, and so is knowing the origins of my preparations. I avoid artificial and processed foods to every extent.

I have extremely high standards for myself. If it isn’t good enough for me to eat, then I don’t want to serve it to you, either. Therefore, I seek out the best suppliers in Paris. I buy from an incredible butcher in the 14th, from the best vegetable stand at Marché President Wilson, from an incredible wine shop in the 17th, and from a cheese artisan in the 7th who ages the cheeses herself. I appreciate the artisans who are experts at their craft, who have unsurpassed knowledge and savoir-faire and who sell products of quality. It is truly a pleasure to transform these high quality goods into something gourmet for my customers.

I also recognize that each person has their own taste preferences. I don’t think the Chef is the final expert in deciding these things. It’s true that my training provides me with knowledge to transform the ordinary into something of greater value…but I would never presume to tell you what you should like or not. I can introduce things to you, with pleasure, but will let you decide what you like or not. With this philosophy in mind, I typically work with clients to develop a personalized menu designed for them – whether it is for a market tour, a private cooking lesson, a wedding, a big dinner party, or an intimate dinner for two….in the end, I find that such collaboration results in something not only highly unique but very often, extraordinarily good!

Putting these thoughts together: All of this attention to detail and the rigors of fresh cooking takes its time. You won’t find me at "la grande surface" (big shopping centers), instead I’ll be running around town seeking out the best ingredients available, until everything is set just so. I'll be carefully planning which equipment we need or which wines will work best. All of this takes time. This is why I cannot sell at the lowest price in Paris. But, I do guarantee that you will have a unique and wonderfully gourmet experience…that has been the opinion of those that have entrusted me with their events.

It would be a pleasure to create a unique, gourmet event with you!

Merci bien,
Diane Anthonissen
paris cooking co