Faculty member in the theory group

Department of Computer Science

Aalto University 

My broad area of research interests is in theoretical computer science. I work mostly on approximation algorithms and their connections to combinatorics and mathematical optimization. I completed my PhD from the department of computer science, University of Chicago in 2012. I was very fortunate to be advised by Julia Chuzhoy and Janos Simon.  

After my Ph.D, I did a short (and yet fun) postdoc at IDSIA. Afterwards, I very much enjoyed 3.5 years at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, thanks to the directorship of Kurt Mehlhorn. I became a faculty member at Aalto in August 2016. 

I was a recipient of Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship in 2017, attending the great 'jumbo' program on Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization. My research has been generously supported by  a starting grant from European Research Council (ERC) and Academy of Finland Research Fellowship.  

Highly motivated postdocs in TCS are strongly encouraged to contact me any time.  We generally have centrally funded postdoc opennings twice a year (deadlines roughly in January and August). Unfortunately, I currently have no funding for PhD students.  

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These days, I teach Combinatorics in Autumn and Computational Complexity in Spring. 

At Aalto, I have taught Principles of Algorithmic Techniques (x3), Combinatorics (x5), and Computational Complexity (x4). 


I very much enjoy working with motivated junior members of our TCS community. The main thing I will expect from my students/postdocs is, you like what you are doing; I don't mind if your interests change over time as long as your motivation remains high. This should be reflected by you reading papers, spending time thinking offline, taking initiatives to propose research problems, etc. 

Here is a list of my PhD students, in reverse chronological order of their starting dates:  

Here is a list of postdocs/research fellows (again in reverse-chronological order) I have hosted: 


PC Membership: SODA 2025, HALG 2024, STOC 2024, ICALP 2024, FSTTCS 2023, SOSA 2023, WAOA 2022 (chair), APPROX 2022, WAOA 2021, WADS 2021, ICALP 2021, SODA 2021, SWAT 2020, ICALP 2019, APPROX 2018, ISAAC 2017, ESA 2016, FUN 2016, FSTTCS 2016, APPROX 2015.

Organization: Dagstuhl Seminar on Parameterized Approximation: Algorithms and Hardness 2023 (with Karthik CS, J. Spoerhase and M. Zehavi), PC co-chair of WAOA 2022 (with B. Laekhanukit), Hausdorff Workshop on Parameterized Complexity & Optimization 2021 (with Fritz Eisenbrand, Fedor Fomin, and Jesper Nederlof), ALGO 2018 (with P. Kaski and J. Suomela), and ADFOCS 2014 (with Andreas Karrenbauer). 

Local Service: Helsinki Algorithms Seminar (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019, Spring 2023) 


Address: Konemiehentie 2, Espoo/Otaniemi, 02150, Finland. B204. 

Email: Aalto e-mail always follows the format firstname dot lastname at My first name is the one that starts with P.