PariNaama Consultancy

PariNaama offers consultancy services for start-ups and small-medium businesses to set/streamline their business operations. 
Experience of the core team coupled with adherence to quality, enables PariNaama to deliver realistic and cost effective solutions.

The Universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it - Marcus Aurelius

PariNaama - Transformation

When a Thought takes root it transforms into an Idea(from 'I want to do something' to 'I want to do this'). When an Idea crystallizes it transforms into a Strategy(from 'I want to do this' to 'this is how I am going to do it'). When a Strategy gets life it transforms into Implementation(from 'this is how I am going to do it' to 'I have done it!')

We help transform -- a Thought -- into an Idea -- into a -- Strategy -- into a successful -- Implementation.