Founded June 25 2014 at the West Chicago Ave. Branch of the Chicago Public Library



Issues PPU Is Working On:

Austin Comprehensive Community Organizational Resource Directory (ACCORD)

  • Problem: Early PPU meetings soon had us talking about the INFORMATION BOTTLENECK, as one Austin resident called it, that fosters ignorance of all kinds of useful programs and resources that are available in Austin. Solution: a comprehensive community resource directory available for young people and for adults.
  • Two page argument for an Austin Comprehensive Community Resource Directory (ACCORD)
    • ACCORD would have two versions: one for young people and one for adults
    • ACCORD would be available in print and online versions, with an App making it available to users of cell phones and tablets as well.
  • First Draft of categories for the youth versions of ACCORD 
  • Sep 3 draft proposal (nine pages) for ACCORD
  • Agenda for Sep 30 ACCORD planning meeting at the Austin Voice

Austin Schools Page

  • Special Education
  • School Testing
  • New uses for closed Austin schools

Education Committee

  • See minutes of Sep 20 meeting
  • Organize meeting with neighborhood LSC’s to propose plans for the closed schools real estate. Next steps would be to schedule a meeting with CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

  • Provide Special Education Parental Training & Workshops

  • Juvenile Justice Transformation training with Austin’s youth collaborating with Police District Commanders and school principals via Peace Circles.

Homeless in Austin Page

Juvenile Justice Page

  • Expungement
  • Restorative Justice (forthcoming)
  • Small Group "Peace Circles' of youth and their local police meeting to create protocols to improve relations on the street between young people and their local beat officers.
Media Page

Renaming West Chicago Library Branch

  • Overwhelming consensus to re-name the West Chicago Library (Chicago Ave.) to the “Bill Cosby Chicago Public Library”.

  • City official (Alderman) has to propose branch re-naming to city council.
  • See minutes of Sep 20 meeting.

Seniors Committee

  • Dedication for the re-naming of Lake Street Senior Home to “Loretta Hansberry”

  • Community activities for seniors to attend outside the senior home with provided transportation.
  • See minutes of Sep 20 meeting.
A Ten Year Development Plan for Austin: The Austin Compact

Transportation Committee 

  • Extend the Laramie bus #57 southbound end of line stop to Lexington or beyond the bridge to Roosevelt Rd.
  • See minutes of Sep 20 meeting.

Who We Are: A Brief History of the Parents Political University

Parents Political University Meetings, Minutes & Documents
  • The First PPU Meeting in 2015 will be held Thursday April 9 at 4:00pm at the West Branch Library
  • The Second PPU Town Hall Meeting was held Sep 20 at the BUILD, Inc offices on 5100 W. Harrison
    • Here's the meetingAgenda
    • Meeting minutes, with committees formed and next steps to be taken , are here.
  • The First PPU Town Hall Meeting was held Sep 6, 2014 at Austin Town Hall from 9am to 12 noon.
    • Chicago Civic Media coverage is here.
    • Austin Voice coverage will be here.
  • PPU SEVENTH Meeting: Sep 3, 4pm, new location: Austin Town Hall Park, 5610 W. Lake St. No minutes. This was a third planning meeting for the Sep 6 Town Hall Meeting.
  • PPU SIXTH Meeting: Aug 27, 4pm, Austin Library West Branch, 4855 W Chicago Ave. No minutes. This was a second planning meeting for the Sep 6 conference.
  • Aug 20 FIFTH PPU meeting. No minutes. This was the first planning meeting for our Sep 6 Town Hall Meeting at the Austin Town Hall. Most of what we did in this meeting is to be found in the Drafts of the Conference Schedule and Breakout Workout (see left column).

  • Aug 6 Minutes of FOURTH PPU meeting at which we agreed to hold a larger task-centered meeting for the Austin Community.
  • Cybernavigator Cassandra described her small group Cyber Navigating classes held free of charge at the West Branch Library.
  • Leah Menzer of Chicago Votes rode all the way from Bridgeport on her bike to help register Austin Voters for the upcoming November mid-term elections. Registration deadline in Chicago is October 8.
  • Jul 23 Minutes of THIRD PPU meeting featuring presentations by 
  • Jul 9 Minutes of SECOND PPU meeting at which we discussed
    • The scarcity of advanced placement courses in Austin schools
    • The scarcity of resources to meet emotional and psychological needs of Auastin youth
    • The need for a comprehensive directory of resources for Austin students and parents
      • Pastor Brown suggested an online APP for this purpose.
  • Jun 25 Minutes of FIRST PPU meeting awhich participants prioritized issues affecting Austinites. 
    • Participant Jeffrey revited participants with his account of living homeless at age 16. The group committed to working on this issue.
    • We heard presentations by