Parents in Partnership
Working together to improve academic achievement for each child

A support and advocacy organization for parents of children
enrolled in the Hudson City School District 

What has PiP accomplished?

* Opened dedicated parent resource rooms in HCSD schools.
* Members logged several hundred volunteer hours staffing those rooms, visiting school lunchrooms and classrooms, and helping both children and teachers, providing a positive link between parents and their schools.

* At the request of parents, we have helped advocate for children threatened with suspension and helped to keep them in school.

Sponsored discussions for members with key local education leaders, including state Senator Stephen Saland, Questar BOCES Superintendent James Baldwin, HCSD Superintendent John F. Howe and other school administrators and faculty.
* We have worked in collaboration with other Hudson area groups, including the Hudson Opera House, Literacy, Inc. (LINC), Mothers United for Social Enrichment (MUSE) and Time & Space Limited (TSL).

What is Parents in Partnership?

Parents in Partnership is a parent support group which serves as an objective link between the Hudson City School District's staff, students and families. A group of community and parent volunteers, we've been helping children for nearly a decade.

The purpose of PiP is to work within HCSD to enhance the opportunity all children have to receive the best education our schools can offer. Sometimes the work has been as simple as sitting with a child so that she could do her homework -- and calm down -- or helping a child better communicate with her teacher. Always, we seek a positive outcome for child, parent and school.

Self-esteem is a cornerstone of positive learning. PiP's aim is to generate an environment in our schools that will cultivate, stimulate and nurture the gifts in each child to achieve academic growth.

To achieve these objectives, parents, children and school administrators must be involved in the learning experience of each child. PiP is working to make this happen.

Parent resource rooms

In collaboration with HCSD, PiP has established a parent support and resource room in two of the district's four buildings:

  • Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School
    (Room 120)
  • Hudson High School

These rooms were created for use as a platform for parent involvement within the school, during the school day. Parental input is paramount if we are to successfully educate our children.


Negotiating the intricacies of the district Code of Conduct and understanding your child's rights is not easy task and often when parents are confronted with discipline issues they feel alone. Members of PiP assist, support and advocate for children in an unbiased atmosphere. We offer nonjudgmental responses to each parent and child, assuring they are heard and valued. We discuss and advocate topics of interest to all parents, students and staff members.

Members of PiP in discussion with HCSD Superintendent John F. Howe
at the Hudson Area Association Library in May 2009.

More to do

There is much more that we would like to do. Many parents and teachers, for instance, have asked for our assistance in getting a homework helpers program underway. We have also been asked to identify and locate mentors and tutors for district children.

We need you!

But in order to accomplish these goals, and more, we need your help and your ideas. We need volunteers from any walk of life, any profession, to help us help our children. Whatever you can spare -- one hour, or 10 -- our kids need you.

Be a PiP volunteer

We need volunteers from all walks of life to help us help our children -- parents, grandparents, friends of education. Whatever time you can spare, one hour, or 10, it doesn't matter. But your participation is key. 
Call 518.822.1317, or contact us by email at parentsinpartnership@

"I was able to graduate from Hudson High School because of the help I received from Parents in Partnership."
HCSD graduate


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