This website aims to get together all parents of  Delhi Public School, Hyderabad.
Update May 7th 2010

The new office bearers of HYD Parents association have been elected for the academic year 2010-11. At the general body meeting held on May 2nd - parents unanimously with active contribution of the outgoing committee elected a new committee to the Parents Association. It was expressed that the parents were eager to see the results of the High court appeal by HSPA. The judge is likely to give the judgement after the ongoing 15 day vacation. Please watch this space for updates.

Your association had requested parents to pay fees under protest about a day before the last date. Some of you have written in that you have missed the deadline. Please send us such details at dpsparents.hyd at gmail.com and the association will compile all information / advise you on next course of action. As was rightly pointed out - how can someone charge LATE FEES for amounts being collected by school  FOUR months in advance !!!

Update Apr 20th 2010
Parents are advised not to pay Term 1 (2010-11) hiked fees till your association informs you in this regard. Chennai High Court has already provided a landmark judgement in favour of the parents. As in other cities, Hyderabad high court shall also be taking a similar stance. In such a case even last years hiked fees will have to be adjusted by the school and hence there may be need for them to reissue new challans itself. To save the school from administrative hassles of reconciliation - lets hold on and make the fee payment after all adjustments.
Whats happening at the courts ?
HSPA has taken up the legal battle for the cause support. The legal team is headed by Sri CV Mohan Reddy (ex Advocate General) supported by Senior Counsel Sri S Srinivas & Sri DS Siva Prasad. Few updates for the information of the group

- 34 schools have filed writ petitions against AP government to get the impuned GO MS91 scrapped. In all close to 40 leading counsels including lawyers from Supreme Court were hired by the schools
- HC heard the case for over 6 days in last 3 weeks. Government has been represented by Addl Advocate General
- Yesterday the last hearing was based on the judgement given in favour of parents by Madras High Court.
- The judgement is now reserved & HSPA counsel requested to give the judgement at the earliest as most schools have hiked the fee's & are demanding parents to pay up this month.
HSPA is trying its best with available resources (volunteers pledging their time, monetary support being extended by kind hearted parents etc) to stop commercialisation & profiteering in education. Good news is that after 1year struggle, many schools are only hiking fee in single digits compared to huge hikes till last year. What more do we need to say ?
We're looking forward for active participations by like minded parents for support in what ever fashion they can extend. Financial support is need of the hour as we need to gear up for the next level battle @ Supreme Court as well. Please also register as DPS parent at the Registration link
Update Mar 31st 2010
The case to uphold the G.O being fought by HSPA and School managements is in the court. Senior Supreme court counsel have been deputed by the school managements. Parents are also getting together and pitching in to support. Registered parents at this link are actively collaborating together to ensure DPS contributes fairly to this cause. Amazing Support received so far. Please continue to support and watch this space regularly for updates. The case hearing may go on for a week or so. Today is day 2 of the hearing....we will update you all on happenings in the court in due course.

Update Mar 12th 2010
Having obtained Legal counsel and after discussion with the school management, your association has decided to "Without Prejudice and under protest" pay the hiked fee as per the challan. In case of any change in government/legal orders on this, the school would refund/adjust the additional amount being paid by parents. A copy of such a letter is being handed over to the school management, with a request to also permit a few additional days for payment, in view of the holidays. We continue to protest the unjust fee hike and shall continue the legal fight to get the G.O effective soon. Parents are requested to continue working collectively to strengthen our common legal position. Your association is glad to note that the cost of procurement of books this year is much lower than last year. This highlights the benefits our initiative can bring us. We hope our joint representations on similar aspects shall bring about change, that we all are keen to see. Our noble initiative to get Quality Education at an affordable cost shall ultimately succeed.

Update Mar 11th 2010
Your association has met the management on 10th of March and formally provided a letter requesting extension of time till 30th April 2010. We strongly protest the stance of the management to go ahead with the fee hike irrespective of the current G.O status. We are taking legal counsel and shall revert with an update for all parents by end of day today.

Update Feb 28th 2010
The school management have gone back on their word and are now demanding excess fees vide new challan. Your Association is taking legal advise and will inform you on a course of action. Please wait for further instructions. The next meeting of all DPS Hyderabad parents is on Sunday 7 March 2010 @ 10:00 am. Please assemble at Jalagam Vengal Rao Park (near Nagarjuna Circle, Road No1, Banjara Hills) without fail for next update.  Please also watch this space for further updates. Also visit DPS Secunderabad website regularly. Secunderabad and Hyderabad Parents associations shall be acting in a unified manner.

Update - Dec 30 2009 - Message from Core Committee

The core committee requests all parents to pay the fees as per the challans sent by the school, before the due-date. The school management has committed that the final fees payable shall be as per the verdict of the court and adjustments shall be made accordingly.
For any clarifications please feel free to contact the DPS Hyderabad committee members or write to us on dpsparents.hyd@gmail.com

Update - Dec 28 2009 - Message from Core Committee

We all know that the school has issued challans to pay up the 3rd term fee & also the annual fee as per the last year fee structure by means of  the circular dated 22 Dec 2009 which specifies  clearly that the adjustments if any would be as per final court verdict or as per GO MS 91.

 For the last few days there has been many calls & communication from members as to  what is our stand on this  Fee Payment.

We  had Series of Discussions  with core Memebers , our lawyers & also from other parents associations in regard to this issue. Unfortunately due to section 144 imposed in Hyderabad & due to disturbances in the city, we have been advised not to call for a GBM, which was actually planned for Sunday 27 Dec 2009.
We had taken legal opinion from our lawyer as well as from other lawyer who is into such issues, & we’re to understand the stand taken by school is the best at this moment & any aggression may have negative impact on our efforts. Suggestion was to talk to management & pressurize them to collect the last term fee as per last year fee meaning adjust the additional amount paid by parents in the 1st term fee. We would advice the status by Tommorrow  .
Please note that our school is the only school in Hyderabad which has accepted existence of GO MS 91 in writing twice & also agreed to collect last year fee only. Among many differences that we may have this is a fact & lets appreciate the school on this stand.
  If not for the present political crisis, the government was very much in favour of parents feelings & had agreed to put pressure on all erring school via the GO released few months back. Most of you would’ve read that in press  reports  since last few weeks. This would be enforced in next few months for sure, come what may the Govt would take a serious stand on seeking a probe into the delay tatics followed by the Schools

-         Suggestions are invited from parents who have experience in legal related activities as to what would be the best way  for all of us. for a progressive  Strategy . Any help in this regards would be highly appreciable for the Benefit of our Children  and settings up a milestone to form a regulatory body for Schools .

 As a member of DPS Parents Association, Hyderabad we encourage you to join & communicate to us via yahoo groups. Any one to one communication can also happen via dpsparents.hyd@gmail.com   For all regular updates keep visiting this website.


There has been an 36% - 42% year on year increase in school fees on the (Annual + Activity + Lab + Tution) fee components for the students in 2009-10 (Analysis stated below).
This is in addition to the almost 16-20% increase in school fees during 2008-09.

Hon H.C had passed an interim order supporting our Writ Petition.
All Association Parents requested to pay only (tution fee + optionals i.e., transportation + Mess - if availing) before Sunday, 10th May 2009 as per HC order. Annual + Lab + Activity payable after final HC court hearing scheduled in June 2009. All AXIS BANK Branches will accept part payment on your challans as per feedback received by the association at 2:00 Pm from various parents.
Please click here to see the interim court order - It will take 1-2 min to load in a new window
You may also download the order from the Press Reports page - filed as "Court order - WP.pdf"

Common hike




 Annual Fee




 Activity Fee




 Lab Fee




 Tution Fee




Tution Fee




Middle / Secondary
Tution Fee












“What should move us to action is human dignity: the dignity of each of us. We lose dignity if we tolerate the intolerable.”

Those of us who went to school in the late eighties and nineties, will agree that the school fees we pay for primary children are almost three times the fees we paid for our college education. Its time we all united against this trend - where schools, having formed 'cartels are fleecing parents. We appeal to you as a parent to kindly register here as a parent on this site - giving details of your ward.
We wish to convey to DPS management a clear message that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!
Please pass on the word to all parents and till the matter is resolved

Action Update

24th May 2009 - Sunday : Watch this space for further updates. Your association working with like-minded groups to ensure a just and fair resolution to the issue.

4th May 2009 - Monday : All parents are requested to join the parents association. Members of the association are requested not to pay the fees. The only demand of the parents association to the DPS management at the moment is to roll back the fee hike. The hike is unjustified. The Association has informed the management that no late-fee / penality will be leviable, as most parents have also gone on vacations.

1st May 2009 - Friday : 200+ parents assembled today at the Joint meeting of DPS Hyderbad & Secunderabad Parents Association at Vengal Rao Park on 3rd May 2009 inspite of it being a sunday. Many parents informed the organizers, that they know of many parents who have gone on vacations and cant attend the meeting. The organizers wish to thank all the parents who have expressed their support vide emails / sms. We request all members to kindly register on this website with details of their ward. Parents today advised the association to consider all options open and not to accept the decision of the management. All parents have decided not to pay the fees till there is an amicable settlement to our demands.

30 Apr 2009 - Thursday : Four Representatives of DPS Parents Association Hyderabad have met the management today morning at 10 am. 
The meeting ended inconclusively at around 2 pm. The Management refused to consider the rollback and justified the hike vide some figures that were kept ready for the meeting. At best they offered to not collect the 3000 activity fee now and collect the same as and when the activities are organised. They also offered that the parents may pay the annual fee of 12000 in 2 instalments - by taking permission of the principal, if parents want to defer the burden. In effect no roll-back was agreed by the management
. There is a follow-on meeting of all the committee members scheduled on 30th Apr evening / 1st May morning, in which the future course of action shall be finalized / intimated to all the parents.

28 Apr 2009 - Tuesday :
Parents of almost 592+ students have registered with the DPS Hyderbad Parents Association (D-hyd-PA). There are 190 students, who have also registered on the website, and this number is growing regularly. The enrolling additional parents drive "Each One ~ Gets One" will see us double our strength very soon. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Our Unity against this unilateral hike is our most potent ally.

26 Apr 2009 - Sunday : About 180 parents attended the DPS Hyderabad Parents Association general body meeting
held at Vengal Rao Park. All the parents were informed of the official registration of the parents association has been completed successfully. Details of 6 parents were shared and it was decided to ensure that the DPS hyderabad parents association strength (currently covering 600 students) has to be  further strengthened. All parents resolved that they shall not pay the fees till a final decision is reached. All parents also committed to reach out to atleast 2 more students (friends of their wards) and get them to join the association. It was decided that representatives of the association shall meet the management on 30th April at the school. An update shall be shared with parents, as soon as DPS management  conveys their decision to the association.

24 Apr 2009 - Friday : About 200 parents attended the DPS Parents Association - Secunderabad (DPaS) general body meeting held outside the school premises. All members were informed of the successful registration of the association with 650+ parents and more joining every day. The committed update on managements action against the protest was not given. DPaS was informed that the board meeting may be held on 25 April 2009 instead. The management representative assured that he shall organize a meeting between the parents and the school management before 30th April. He assured the parents that late fee will not be levied and parents need not pay the fees till the school reopened and/or the issue was resolved.

23 Apr 2009 - Thursday: DPS Hyderabad Parents Association and DPS Secunderabad Parents Association have formally joined hands with 5 other schools, who are now officially members of Hyderabad School Parents Association. This has given us a stronger voice to work jointly for the common cause of ensuring that parents are no longer at the mercy of school authorities. This forum shall play a constructive role in ensuring Parents, Teachers and Administrators work together for higher quality of education being imparted to our wards.  Registration of our respective parents association has been filed and all parents are requested to come for the Sunday - 26th April meeting along with ONE ANOTHER PARENT who is not a member of any of the DPS Parents Association. Lets grow our association by engaging jointly. 

21 Apr 2009 - Tuesday: Check out the page - DPS Society. The founders body that created DPS, consists of people we all respect. It includes Padma Bhushan awardees, leaders of various disciplines and illustrious personalities. We appeal to them to let us know whether the goals they set are being measured. We will mail to them and their responses will be updated for you and the media back on this website... so keep visiting this webpage.
READ THIS LATEST REPORT - Gurgaon DPS has been forced to roll back pending a decision to be jointly taken by Parents and school authorities.

20 Apr 2009 - Monday:
The school authorities today suddenly declared the school closed effective Tuesday 21 April 2009. They expect this to deter the parents from gathering for their cause. WE ALL ARE UNITED and GROWING AT a rapid pace thanks to the word of mouth spreading. Each day is seeing us growing by few more parents. We will keep you abreast of updates on this website. Do look at the contacts and links page - it contains all other websites where updates for DPS Secunderabad are being provided. Keep coming back to this site for updates and register your kids / your kids friends and their parents details. Thanks to parents for their unstinted support and the emails you are sending. KEEP THEM COMING....

18 Apr 2009 - Saturday :
About 275 of the 351 parents, who have joined hands with the DPS Parents association gathered outside Gachibowli premises of DPS, Hyderabad. The media - Maa TV, E TV, Sakshi TV and some other TV channels, who had somehow got wind of our protest also turned up and covered the event. The parents waited from 8 am upto almost 12 noon and sent 2-3 representative committee's to meet the management. Finally Mrs Rekha agarwala came to the gate and addressed the parents. She has asked for time till 30th April to revert back and informed that a school management board meeting is being held on 24th April to discuss the matter internally. This is time-gaining tactics and the association strongly opposes this.

13 Apr 2009 - Monday :
After just a 24 hour drive, With just word of mouth publicity - over 170 parents turned up on monday 13th April 2009 outside Gachibowli premises of DPS, Hyderabad. We have made a joint representation to the principal - Mrs Agarwala and demanded a total roll-back of the additional dues. We have informed her that none of the parents will pay the dues till the matter is completely resolved and if there is a delay from the management to heed to our request - the penalty / late dues will not be payable by the parents.

Department of Education :
Please refer to the DOE circular, which is being unjustly referred to by Private schools blatantly.

Please check out the Press Reports section to see the outrage that has been developing across cities. Its time we acted too.