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21st Century Leaning

The Partnership for 21 Centurya national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student.

California Coalition for P21 - a coalition of statewide organizations advocate for 21st century readiness for all California students.

Responsive Classroom - a widely used, research-backed approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction.

Edutopia - provide strategies and resources for educators on 21st Century Learning models

Community Outreach and Fundraising Guides

The first step to mobilization is to educate parents about the school funding crisis. Parents For Great Education will provide opportunities and tools for parents to take on local leadership roles, develop the skills to set common goals and accomplish tasks - to move your communities in the direction towards greater education reform.

Our Community Outreach and Fund raising Guides were developed by a team of core parent volunteers from a Spring 2010 fundraising campaign in the Cupertino Union School District. This unprecedented district-wide community fundraising effort ultimately raised over $2.5 million in eight weeks, helping to restore 107 teachers' jobs slated for elimination due to state budget cuts.

The campaign brought together parents, teachers, administrators, unions, local businesses,
and an existing education foundation - all doing their part to preserve our children's current quality of education. Their expertise in both outreach and fundraising is invaluable.